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The Civil War (America)

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The Civil War (America) Empty The Civil War (America)

Post by its_Goyim Fri Oct 29, 2021 5:44 pm

I have not seen much on this topic until lately, but I have been looking into it. It is a very interesting topic and as I started digging further what do I find and the center of this? Rothschilds. Now without typing out a huge article I can say that the control goes back much further than the civil war. The most interesting part was what we are all taught in school that the civil war was fought over slavery. This of course is not true at all, because as most if not all wars the civil war was fought over money. American had their own money system, now doesn't that sound like a familiar problem for the banks that rule the world. This reoccurring theme pops up with every war in our lifetimes. Some country says fuck your bank, and then some type of war or propaganda campaign starts. I would like to see Eric do a video if he has time on this subject. This video here is one of the best breakdowns of the Civil war that's not 4 hours long. Anyone who has done more research than me I would love to hear some info.


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