Who invented Space?

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Who invented Space?

Post by Schpankme on Fri Dec 23, 2016 3:20 pm

We can give credit to the Russian, Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky, Spaceflight Inventor and pioneer of the "astronautic theory".

   "In Space, no one can hear you scream but maybe they can hear you kvetch." ~ Edmon Rodman

   How do you keep Jews away from your Space Agency?  Tell them it's being ran by ex-NAZIs.

Read carefully the below Time-Line and you will get a feel for how fake Space and it's means of exploration took place; you will also see how there are many inter-woven collaborations, ending with fiction published as fact at the Academic level.

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky born near Riazan, Russia

Jules Verne publishes "To the Center of the Earth"

Jules Verne publishes "From the Earth to the Moon"

Dmitri Mendeleev creates Periodic Table of the Elements

22 April, Vladimir Il'cih Ul'ianov (Lenin) born.
Jules Verne publishes "Around the Moon"

Jules Verne publishes "Around the World in Eighty Days"

Jules Verne publishes "Off on a Comet"

21 December, Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili (Stalin) born in Gori, Georgia

Terrorists assassinate Tsar Aleksander II; Pogroms sweep Russia as Jews accused; start massive refugee movement to USA
Paul Fortress awaiting execution for plotting to kill the Tsar
Nikolai Kibalich writes about Space Flight by jet propulsion while in Sts. Peter

Tsiolkovsky writes "Free Space on use of jet propulsion in vacuum of space"

1884- 1894
10 years of silence?
"The main works of Tsiolkovsky after 1884 dealt with four major areas: the scientific rationale for the all-metal balloon (Airship), the streamlined airplane, trains, hovercrafts, and rockets for interplanetary travel."

Tsiolkovsky writes "Dream of the Earth and Sky", describes earth satellites in 200 hundred mile high orbits inhabited by 'sky-dwellers'
H.G. Wells publishes "The Time Machine"
Percival Lowell publishes "MARS"

Henri Becquerel 'discovers' radioactivity in Paris.
Athens First modern Olympic Games
H.G. Wells publishes "The Island of Doctor Moreau"

Tsiolkovsky derived the formula (“Formula of Aviation”), establishing the relationship between:

  speed of a rocket at any moment;
  specific impulse fuel;
  mass of the rocket in the initial and final time.

All of this was accomplished without knowing the properties of Space.

H.G. Wells publishes "The Star"
Russian mathematician Meshchersky, St. Petersburg, publishes the formula for the motion of the body of variable mass, in the thesis (“Dynamics of a point of variable mass).

Minsk Russian Social Democratic Workers Party Founded
H.G. Wells publishes "The WAR of the WORLDS"

  The WAR of the WORLDS was unique in that it had Alien invasion traveling from another Spaceball to the Spaceball Earth.

H.G. Wells publishes "Tales of Space and Time"

Munich, London, Geneva Lenin edits, writes for and fights for control of underground party newspaper, Iskra (The Spark)
Paris Second modern Olympic Games

H.G. Wells publishes "The First Men In The Moon"

Igor Kurchatov director USSR atomic research born
Brussels-London Russian Social Democratic Workers Party splits into Bolshevik and Menshevik factions.

Inspired by the writings of Jules Verne, Tsiolkovsky writes "Exploring Space by Reactive [Rocket] Devices", a theoretical handbook on rocketry for Space Travel (later edition mention atomic, solar energy, vacuum, and weightlessness)

St. Louis III Olympic Games

First Russian revolution. Scientists join movement for basic freedoms
Albert Einstein write Theory of Relativity. E=Mc2.
H.G. Wells publishes "A Modern Utopia"

Sergei Korolev born in Zhitomir, Ukraine
H.G. Wells publishes "In The Days Of The Comet"
Percival Lowell publishes "Mars and it's Canals"

London IV Olympic Games
Jules Verne publishes "The Chase of the Golden Meteor"
Percival Lowell publishes "Mars and the Abode of Life"

Vladimir Vernadsky, Russian Scientists, prompts expedition to find and to chart deposits of Russian radioactive materials (Atomic Power).

Tsiolkovsky writes "Aims of Astronauts"; is this the first use of the word Astronauts?

Pravda (Truth) Bolshevik Party Newspaper founded in St.Petersburg.
Boris Yeltsin orders Pravda fall 1991.
It resumes publication shortly but after 1993 no longer is paper of the Communist Party.

Start of First World War I
Stockholm V Olympic Games

Yakov Perelman (Bolshevik JEWdaism), wrote what was thought to be the first serious book on space travel, "Interplanetary Travel".

February, revolution. Tsar abdicates. Revolution brings liberal democrats to power.
3 April, Lenin returns from exile in Switzerland on "sealed train" provided by German government.

October, revolution. Bolsheviks (or JEWdaism) come to power.
Bolsheviks organize Council of People's Commissars to Govern Russia. Lenin elected Chairman
9 November, Bolsheviks suppress Liberal and right-wing newspapers. Pravda publishes Tsarist secret Treaties.
December, Cheka created. Forerunner of NKVD, KGB

In the wake of the Russian Revolution the allure of Theoretical Physics and Space Exploration was rekindled in the Bolshevik (JEW) brand of socialism.

13 April. Bolshevik (and former Menshevik) leader Leon Trotsky appointed Commissar of War as civil war starts full force.
4 May, Russia signs Armistice with Germany
28 June, Bolshevik Government nationalizes large industry
16 July, Bolsheviks execute ex-Tsar and family in Ekaterinburg to prevent them from being rescued and becoming propaganda symbols for anti-Bolshevik forces. News suppressed.
2 August, American and British Troops occupy Archangel
14 August, British troop land in Baku
14 October, Traditional Moscow-Petrograd Football (soccer) Game revived.

15 April, Cheka opens labor camps, GULAG for enemies of Bolshevik government
October, Fearing spread of disease 'Bolshevism' Allies impose economic coastal blockade in attempt to isolate and to smother Soviet Russia

January, Allies lift economic coastal blockade because they see it is ineffective.
Antwerp VII Olympic Games (No Soviet Russia participation)

23 July, Herbert Hoover, Chairman of the American Relief Agency offers to feed starving Russian people. Lenin's government accepts.

3 April, Stalin becomes general secretary of the Communist Party
26 May, Lenin suffers first paralytic Stroke.
24 December, Lenin writes last testament warns against rude Stalin getting too much power. Document suppressed.

9 March, Lenin suffers third stroke. No longer can speak.
First Physical Culture Day
H.G. Wells publishes "Men Like Gods"

Hermann Oberth, Die Rakete zu den Planetenräumen (By Rocket into Planetary Space) self-published after its rejection as a doctoral thesis.
Here we have the first example of Science Fiction being applied for doctoral thesis.

  Hermann Oberth is considered one of the founding fathers of rocketry and astronautics.
  Hermann Oberth is claimed to be the mentor of Wernher von Braun.

The Soviet, JEW controlled press began spreading rumors about the American (Goddard) who was planning to launch a rocket to the Moon, timed for 4 July 1924, US Independence Day.
In early October, the Society held a widely advertised talk on the topic of “The Truth about the Dispatching of Professor Goddard’s Projectile to the Moon”. The crowds outside were so unruly that the horse-borne Moscow militia was summoned to keep them under control.

21 January, Lenin dies
31 January, Constitution of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics ratified.
Great Britain, Italy, France, Sweden recognize USSR
Paris VIII Olympic Games (No Soviet Union participation)
Interplanetary Communications, formed at the Zhukovsky Air Force Academy in Moscow

  The JEW controlled Media and Entertainment industry begins frenzy over exploring the cosmos, space travel, and interplanetary flight.

November, riot in Odessa at Moscow-Odessa Football (soccer) Game

Stalin consolidates hold on Communist Party.
Outfights Trotsky, expels many Trotsky followers from Party.

The “World’s First Exhibition of Models of Interplanetary Equipment, Mechanisms, and Historical Materials” was held in Moscow, depicting the history of space travel, from the twilight in the 19th century to the ideas of Tsiolkovsky, Tsander, Goddard, Oberth and others. The show was a great success and can be regarded as the progenitor of all space exhibitions, including Cosmonauts: "Birth of the Space Age".

First Five Year Plan (1932)
Dinamo Stadium Built in Moscow
August, First Spartakiad (Soviet style Olympic-type multi-sports competition)
Nikolai Rynin writes a nine volume Russian encyclopedia of space travel
Sergei Korolev designs glider enters in nationwide competition
Nikolai Rynin (JEW), publishes nine-volume encyclopedia, "Interplanetary Communications"

1 October, Stalin introduces first Five Year Plan of Economic Development
Stalin celebrates consolidation of power; orders forced collectivization
Communist Party of the United States founded
29 October, Wall Street Crashes. Depression begins.

Group for Studying Reaction Propulsion (GIRD) lead by Friedrikh Tsander begins working on OR-1 liquid fueled rocket engine. Korolev devotes all spare time to project.

Pavlik Morozov denounces father.
First Physical Culture Day Parade in Red Square

Pavlik Morozov and his brother murdered. Show trial in their village.
Pavlik Morozov legend born of young boy denouncing father for hoard grain.
April, Central Committee abolishes all artists and writers groups. Subsequently new Union of Writers formed.
Los Angles X Olympic Games

Drawing by Tsiolkovksy for the film ‘Cosmic Voyage’ showing a cosmonaut exiting a rocket via an airlock, and into the vacuum of space.

Credit: Archive of Russian Academy of Science

17 August, GIRD-09 successfully launched USSR first liquid-fueled rocket
16 November, United States and USSR establish diplomatic relations.
Tsiolkovsky writes "Album of Space Travels"

24 March, "Judea Declares War on Germany"
25 August, The Haavara Agreement broke the Jew policy (NAZI) against their "German goods boycott", and provided for Zionist Jew emigration to Palestine. As a result, the “Haavara” or “Transfer” agreement was signed by the Germans and NAZI's (Jews).

8 June, Soviet government issues law on "Betrayal of Motherland" death penalty obligatory for treason; law holds family members collectively responsible for violations of law.
Tsiolkovsky finishes ten-year effort to write Space Rocket Trains math based treatise on techniques for designing multi-staged rockets
Julius Rosenberg enters City College of New York; attracted to vibrant radical politics movement.
1 December, Sergei Kirov, popular Communist leader of Leningrad murdered. Stalin suspected of organizing murder which sets off Great Purges and Great Terror (hence the expression "the great 1937 terror began 1 December, 1934)

Lona Cohen joins U.S. Communist Party; Morris Cohen joins Communist party works as party organizer in the Bronx
Great Purge, Purge Trials, Great Terror. GULAG swells.

21 June, formation All-Union Committee on Physical Culture and Sports
19-24 August, first "show trial" of Stalinist purges.
Civil War in Spain; USSR backs republic, USA neutral; Abraham Lincoln Brigade of Volunteers fights for Republic. Morris Cohen wounded. NKVD agents recruit Cohen.
Berlin XI Olympic Games (Soviet Union Absent)

27 June, NKVD agents take Sergei Korolev. 10 year sentence to Gulag in Kolyma
July, Lona meets Morris Cohen at Madison Square Garden anti-fascist rally
H.G. Wells publishes "Star Begotten"

February, Morris Cohen goes to NKVD school outside Barcelona. Learns tradecraft
Enrico Fermi wins Nobel Prize for developments in Nuclear physics.

23 August, Secret NAZI Soviet Nonaggression pact signed.
Start of World War II in Europe. Germany invades Poland
Albert Einstein writes letter to President Franklin D. Roosevelt warning that Germany is building an Atomic Bomb - lays groundwork for Manhattan Project
Morris Cohen works as a guard at USSR Pavilion World's Fair, Queens NY. Starts work at Amtorg (Soviet Trading Corporation)

Igor Kurchatov reports on nuclear chain reactions at Academy of Sciences, Moscow
September, Korolev moved to Tupolev sharashka on Radio Street, Moscow
H.G. Wells publishes "The New World Order"

  Here we have the birth of Scientism with fake nukes taking the lead of fictional stories.

22 June, Germany invades USSR
24 June, President Roosevelt pledges US aid to Soviet Union.
Klaus Fuchs offers to spy for the USSR; his case officer - Aleksander Feklisov
7 December, Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor US joins war.

NKVD chief Lavrenty Beria reviews captured information NAZI are planning atomic bomb.

Lona Cohen works in war plants; acts as clandestine courier.
USSR and Great Britain sign 20 year mutual assistance treaty.
August - Manhattan Project authorized. British agents inform Moscow of joint US-British project. Stalin informed. Operation ENORMOUS begins.
September - Ted Hall enters Harvard. Hall joins John Reed Society (named for American Communist and reporter buried by the Kremlin wall). Hall breezes through physics curriculum
September - Battle of Stalingrad.starts. Turning point in ground war.

October - NAZI claim to have launched V-2 A4 rocket from Peenemünde, an island off Germany's Baltic coast, further claim to be the first to reach Space, traveling 118 miles (189.9 km).

[b]December - Fermi conducts First Controlled Nuclear Chain Reaction in Squash Court at University of Chicago.

Spymaster Feklisov starts meeting Julius Rosenberg.
Venona Project starts trying to crack Soviet code (succeed by late 1948)
October, Harvard Professor recommends 18-year-old whiz kid Hall for Manhattan Project.
28 November-1 December, Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill summit in Tehran, Iran

January, Hall arrives at Los Alamos. Issued security clearances without problem by War Department.
June, Korolev and entire Tupolev sharashka design crew freed; charges officially expunged.
July, David Greenglass selected to work as technician at Los Alamos.
13 July, Winston Churchill ask Stalin's help investigating German rockets bombarding London. Stalin promises to personally have it investigated.
5 August, Soviet Rocket experts with British colleagues in occupied Germany/Poland investigate partially destroyed German rockets.

9-20 October, Moscow. Churchill meets with Stalin. Divide Europe into hypothetical spheres of influence. Agree to pursue joint policy in Yugoslavia.
Nov-Dec?? Hall gives Harvard College roommate Los Alamos secret document for transmission to Moscow.

Winter - Lona Cohen makes courier run for ENORMOUS
4-11 February, "Big Three" Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin meet at Yalta set up occupation zones in Germany, agree to include non-Communists in governments of Poland and Yugoslavia. Discuss post-war spheres of influence.
5 March, Kurchatov reads ENORMOUS raw data on 'implosion' technique for A-bomb detonation
March-April, Lona Cohen meets ENORMOUS spymaster Anatoly Yatskov and backup Aleksandr Feklisov in NYC coffeeshop.
April, Russian experts systematic effort to collect German V-2 hardware, blueprints, engineers and technicians. Salvage destroyed parts from garbage.
April, publication of photographs of Buchenwald Concentration Camp in Life Magazine said to have profound impact on Los Alamos scientists.
April-May, Lona Cohen travels to meet Ted Hall on campus of University of New Mexico. Hides documents on A-bomb in Kleenex Box takes them back on train to ENORMOUS agents in NYC.

12 April, President Roosevelt dies. Vice-President Harry S. Truman sworn in as President.

Korolev commissioned colonel in Red Army; flies to Germany to gather information and parts of Nazi Wernher von Braun's V-2 rocket program

9 May, War Against Germany Ends. Victory Day Declared.

13 May, Soviet national football (soccer) championship league resumes after war.
June, Klaus Fuchs transmits detailed report on Los Alamos developments
June, ENORMOUS courier Harry Gold meets David Greenglass in Albuquerque, N.M.
16 July, World's First Atomic Bomb Test, "Trinity" Alamogordo, New Mexico
4 July, Potsdam summit. President Truman tells Stalin, "We had a new weapon of unusual destructive force." Stalin nods head says, "Thank you."
August, U.S. drops "Little Boy" Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima, Japan
8 August, Soviet Union declares war on Japan.
9 August, U.S. drops "Fat Man" Atomic Bomb on Nagasaki, Japan
14 August, Japan agrees to unconditional surrender.
20 August, Stalin orders Beria to chair a Special Committee under the Defense Committee to supervise all work on the use of atomic energy of uranium
23 August, Soviet consul in Tokyo inspects Hiroshima bomb damage
September, David Greenglass passes drawing Atomic Bomb lense designs to Julius Rosenberg for handing over to ENORMOUS agent.
6 November, First Public Mention of Soviet Atomic Program in Bolshevik Revolution Anniversary Speech by Stalin's lieutenant V. Molotov, "...we will achieve prosperity in our country. We will have atomic energy too, and much else!"
25 January, Stalin summons Kurchatov orders him "Build the bomb on a Russian Scale."

February, Cohens go inactive "cold storage" Morris enrolls in Columbia University Teachers College on G.I. Bill
February, Canadian-style hockey rink set up in Moscow.
5 March, Winston Churchill makes "IRON CURTAIN Speech
25 December, Kurchatov supervises Physical-1 nuclear pile successful chain reaction.

Lona meets new Soviet agent at Bronx zoo. Returns to work as courier.
17 February, U.S. starts anti-Communist radio broadcasts into USSR CIA sponsored effort originally called "Radio Liberation from Communism/Bolshevism" Becomes Radio Liberty.
14 April, Stalin summons Korolev to meeting commission planning rocket development. Korolev reports time for Stalin ordered reworking V-2 NAZI rocket past; time for systematic development Soviet ICBM

February, Klaus Fuchs meets Feklisov in London
London XIV Summer Olympics resume after WWII (Soviet Union sends observers)
Venona Project cracks enough Soviet code to start reading words.
18 June, Soviets begin economic blockade of Westerns zones of Berlin
21 June, US, Britain, France begin Berlin airlift
July, CIA Director memo "the earliest date by which it is remotely possible that the USSR May, have completed its first atomic bomb is mid-1950...more probable date mid-1953

29 August, USSR tests its first atomic bomb at special site in Kazakhstan
September, US 'sniffer planes'detect unusual radiation
23 September, President Truman announces "We have evidence that within recent weeks an Atomic explosion occurred in the USSR."
18 October, Second Soviet atomic test
Mao proclaims Communist victory in China; People's Republic of China proclaimed

21 January, Alger Hiss convicted of perjury for denying he passed secret documents to Communist agent .
22 January, Stalin in meeting with Mao asks PRC to set up a joint global network of espionage agents among Chinese living abroad.
2 February, Klaus Fuchs arrested in Britain; confesses to atomic spying.
9 February, Senator Joseph McCarthy (R-Wisc) says he has list of 205 members of the Communist party in the State Dept.
February, spy hunt, commie hunt mania envelopes FBI and nation
March, Cohens receive message to lay low and prepare to defect
April, Stalin backs North Korean invasion of South Korea
22 May, Fuch courier, Harry Gold confesses; later names David Greenglass as a contact.
15 June, Greenglass names his brother-in-law Julius Rosenberg as the man who recruited him to spy for the Soviet Union.
16 June, FBI interviews Rosenberg for the first time. Member of Rosenberg electronic spy ring, Joel Barr disappears in Paris (goes to Czechoslovkia, later settles in Soviet Union)
25 June, North Korean army, equipped by Soviet Union crosses 38th parallel; invasion marks start of Korean war.
end of June, Cohens ordered to leave the country; they make up a 'cover' story about moving to California - trek across ten or more countries arrive in Moscow November, 1950.

31 January, Federal Grand Jury indites Rosenbergs, David Greenglass.
6 March, Rosenberg trial begins end 29 March, Guilty
5 April, Judge Kaufman imposes death sentence on Rosenbergs; appeals follow.
Cohens go to tradecraft school in Poland

16 January, Soviet government orders foreign diplomats and journalists restricted to staying within 25 miles of Kremlin; bars them from 22 cities.
Helsinki XV Summer Olympic Games Soviet Union Participates for First Time
October, 19th CP congress drops term "Bolshevik" from party title.

5 March, Stalin dies. Georgii Malenkov succeeds him.
19 June, Rosenbergs executed at Sing Sing Prison.
Lavrenty Beria, secret police and atomic bomb project chief loses Kremlin power struggle; arrested; found guilty of crimes against USSR shot 23 December.
13 September, Nikita Khrushchev takes over as CPSU leader.

Korolev authorized to construct R-7 rocket for ICBM duty.
Soviet Union defeats Canada 7-2 in World Hockey Championships

Cohen perform unspecified tasks for KGB behind Iron Curtain and elsewhere (Japan, Hong Kong) including training "illegal" in how to behave like Americans.

14 May, Warsaw Pact formed (USSR, Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania)

14-25 February, 20th Congress CPSU in secret speech Khrushchev reports & condemns excesses of Stalin's rule.
Moscow First Artificial hockey rink built.
28 March, Pravda denounces abuses of power by Stalin during his latter years.
30 June, Lenin's Last Testament (1924) published for first time.
Melbourne XVI Olympic Games
23 October, Hungarians demonstrate against Soviet troops in their country and puppet Soviet Hungarian government. Start of Hungarian revolt. Radio Free Europe encourages uprising. Soviets eventually send in tanks and troops in November.

Cohens settle in North London suburb as Australian couple Peter and Helen Kroger.
19 April, Khrushchev government officially rehabilitates Korolev (of Stalin era) "crimes"
21 August, Soviet Union successfully launches world's first ICBM - Korolev's R-7 rocket with dummy warhead goes from Baykonur to Kamchatka 4,000 miles.
US, Canada boycott World Hockey Championships in Moscow to protest Soviet invasion of Hungary.

4 October, SPUTNIK-1 launched

6 October, Pravda banner headline "World's First Artificial Earth Satellite-Created in Soviet Nation."

3 November, SPUTNIK-2 ORBITS Earth with dog Laika aboard.

27 January, US USSR agree to expand cultural, educational, and scientific exchanges.
23 October, Nobel Prize for Literature awarded to Boris Pasternak for novel Dr.Zhivago. Pasternak forced to renounce prize. Dr.Zhivago not published in USSR until 1989.
15 May, 1.3ton SPUTNIK-3 ORBITS Earth full of science equipment. Misses discovering Van Allen radiation belt as tape recorder fails.

29 July, President Eisenhower signs law creating NASA, National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

24 July, "Kitchen Debate" US Vice President Richard M. Nixon and Khrushchev at US Exhibition, Sokolniki Park, Moscow.
12 September, Korolev launches LUNA-2 impacts on MOON. First spacecraft to reach another celestial body.
15-27 Khrushchev tours US, visits President Eisenhower.
4 October, LUNA-3 launched photographs far (dark) side of Moon. First images of far side of moon in human history.

19 August, Vostok capsule launched with 2 dogs BELKA and STRELKA and successfully returned to earth with dogs alive. First MAMMALS, First living Creature to SURVIVE in SPACE and RETURN TO EARTH.
24 October, R-16 Rocket Explosion Disaster 165 killed General Nedelin, head of Soviet Strategic Rocket Forces perishes. COVERED UP?
Rome XVII Olympic Games

7 January, Kroger-Cohen arrested for links with their 'cultural' pupil Konon Molody code name Gordon Lonsdale.
9 March, Vostok capsule with dog Chernushka and human dummy successfully launched and recovered after orbiting earth.
12 April, Cosmonaut Yuri Gagrin launched into space make one orbit of earth and lands successfully near Volga river town, Engels. FIRST MAN IN SPACE
5 May, Astronaut Alan Shepard successfully completes sub-orbital space flight. FIRST AMERICAN in space.
6 August, Vostok-2 with Cosmonaut Gherman Titov successfully orbits earth 17 times 25 hour in Space - New Longevity Record.

20 February, Mercury-6 with Astronaut John Glenn aboard orbits earth 3 times. FIRST AMERICAN TO ORBIT EARTH.
24 September, Kremlin orders Korolev to test N-1 rocket to power man to moon by 1965.
22 - 27 October, Cuban Missile Crisis. President Kennedy announces Soviets spotted building missile bases in Cuba.

7 January, Pravda criticizes Communists in China of dogmatic, devisive views.
19 June, Vostok-6 with Cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova aboard successfully orbits earth 48 times. FIRST WOMAN IN SPACE.
20 June, US-USSR agree to HOT LINE linking White House & Kremlin.
22 November, President John F. Kennedy was reported assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

2 March, CPSU announces renewed campaign to eliminate religion from Soviet life.
Tokyo XVIII Olympic Games
14 October, Khrushchev ousted from Kremlin. L.Brezhenev and A. Kosygin takeover.

12 March, Voskhod-2 Alexei Leonov performs first "Space Walk".

14 January, Korolev dies in Kremlin Hospital. Identity revealed next day.
14 February, Two Soviet writers (Sinavsky, Daniel) sentenced to hard labor for publishing "anti-Soviet" works abroad. Works are read on Radio Liberty.

December, Apollo-8 commanded by Frank Borman circles Moon.
Summer Liberalization programs of reform Communists, "Prague Spring" raise tensions with increasingly conservative Moscow. Moscow continues prosecuting non-conformist writers for anti-Soviet activities.
Mexico City XIX Olympic Games
August, Soviet tanks & troops invades Czechoslovakia to undo "Socialism with a Human Face" reformist brand of Communism.
26 September, Pravda explains ideological reasons for Czech invasion, "world socialism is indivisible, and its defense is the common cause of all Communists." Kremlin will not allow communism, as it defines it, to be rolled back. "Brezhnev Doctrine."

7 July, N-1 rocket explodes during test. Takes 2 years to rebuild launch pad.
20 July, Neil Armstrong from Apollo-11 is FIRST MAN ON THE MOON. Buzz Aldrin Plants U.S. Flag on Moon.

2 September, Soviet vs Canadian Professional Hockey Series begins in Montreal. Soviets win first game 7-3.
Munich XX Olympic Games - Soviets Triumph. Olga Korbut captures world attention

13 February, Soviet government deports writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn, strips him of Soviet citizenship for books on Stalinism.
2 June, Andrei Sakharov, "father of Soviet H-Bomb" begins hunger strike in support of amnesty for Soviet political prisoners.

17-19 July, USSR & USA conduct joint space activities Apollo & Soyuz spacecraft link up.

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Who invented Space?

Post by Beashambassador on Fri Dec 23, 2016 9:13 pm

Excellent research Schpankme, Thank you!

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Re: Who invented Space?

Post by csp on Sat Dec 24, 2016 12:11 am

Excellent Schpankme, another good one to slot in, the start of sci-fi film propaganda:

Le Voyage dans la Lune by Georges Melies in 1902.

At a meeting of the Astronomic Club, its president, Professor Barbenfouillis,[b][c] proposes an expedition to the Moon. After addressing some dissent, five other brave astronomers—Nostradamus,[d] Alcofrisbas,[e] Omega, Micromegas,[f] and Parafaragaramus—agree to the plan. They build a space capsule in the shape of a bullet, and a huge cannon to shoot it into space. The astronomers embark and their capsule is fired from the cannon with the help of "marines", most of whom are played by a bevy of young women in sailors' outfits. The Man in the Moon watches the capsule as it approaches, and it hits him in the eye.[g]

Landing safely on the Moon, the astronomers get out of the capsule (without the need of space suits) and watch the Earth rise in the distance. Exhausted by their journey, they unroll their blankets and sleep. As they sleep, a comet passes, the Big Dipper appears with human faces peering out of each star, old Saturn leans out of a window in his ringed planet, and Phoebe, goddess of the Moon, appears seated in a crescent-moon swing. Phoebe causes a snowfall that awakens the astronomers, and they seek shelter in a cavern where they discover giant mushrooms. One astronomer opens his umbrella; it promptly takes root and turns into a giant mushroom itself.

At this point, a Selenite (an insectoid alien inhabitant of the Moon, named after one of the Greek moon goddesses, Selene) appears, but it is killed easily by an astronomer, as the creatures explode if they are hit with force. More Selenites appear and it becomes increasingly difficult for the astronomers to destroy them as they are surrounded. The Selenites capture the astronomers and take them to the palace of their king. An astronomer lifts the Selenite King off his throne and throws him to the ground, causing him to explode.

The astronomers run back to their capsule while continuing to hit the pursuing Selenites, and five get inside. The sixth astronomer, Barbenfouillis himself, uses a rope to tip the capsule over a ledge on the Moon and into space. A Selenite tries to seize the capsule at the last minute. Astronomer, capsule, and Selenite fall through space and land in an ocean on Earth, where they are rescued by a ship and towed ashore. The final sequence (missing from some prints of the film) depicts a celebratory parade in honor of the travelers' return, including a display of the captive Selenite and the unveiling of a commemorative statue bearing the motto "Labor omnia vincit".[h]

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Re: Who invented Space?

Post by Schpankme on Mon Dec 26, 2016 2:42 am

Lets drill down to who it was that invented the man-made-construct of Space and the Spaceballs (Planets) that orbit about one another within it.

Astronomy, "the branch of science that deals with celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole."

Telescope invented

Galileo Galilei, claims first telescopic observation of the night sky, although he did not invent the telescope: claims planetary motion

Who is this Galileo Galilei?
He is a beneficiary of the Jesuit payroll, who's role is to publish independently about his Astronomy observations.

Who are the Jesuits?  crypto‑Jews

“The laws of nature are written by the hand of God in the language of mathematics.” – Galileo Galilei

The reader will note, that from this point on "verifiable reality" has been replaced with Theoretical Math Equations (pretend).  The Jesuits invent words to explain every unnatural phenomena that becomes obstacles to common sense.

Christopher Clavius, a Jesuit at the Collegio Romano, confirms Galileo’s observations of planetary motion.

Here we have Jesuits claiming that Lights they observe through their Telescopes are in fact Spaceballs that orbit about one another; BUT HOW?

Sir Isaac Newton, Publication of the Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica (Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy) is the foundation for Mathematical principles of time, force, and motion that have guided the development of Theoretical Physics, inventing the theory of Gravity, and establishing the friction-less environment required for the motion of Spaceballs.

Now, the dispute was shifted away from proving Spaceballs and placed on "the absence a contact mechanism producing gravitational forces."

Sir Henry Cavendish invents the MASS of the Earth, which he publishes in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society in 1798.  Through his invention Sir Cavendish then yielded the Mass for all other Spaceballs such as the Sun, the Moon, etc.; being fruitful Sir Cavendish also verified the universal nature of Newton's Theory of Gravitation, thereby producing the inverse square law for each Spaceball. This meant that Sir Cavendish was the first to calculate the gravitational constant [G].  It should be noted that virtually all calculations are done via ratios so that proportionality constants are, in general, dropped out.

As can be seen, it was the stroke of the pen that showed how Spaceballs (Planets) orbit about one another in the vacuum of space.  

We now know that the vacuum of space does suck with equal amounts about the whole of the Balls, we thank Gravity for keeping our Balls from coming together.

William Moore, First exposition of the rocket equation based on Newton's third law of motion: Treatise on the Motion of Rockets

John William Draper, First clear telescopic photograph of the Moon.

Jules Verne publishes, From the Earth to the Moon

Percival Lowell publishes "MARS"

H. G. Wells publishes, The War of the Worlds

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky (USSR), inspired by the writings of Jules Verne, published "The Exploration of Cosmic Space by Means of Rocket Devices", showing that the man-made construct called Space was a physical place that could be explored.

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, is known as the founding father of astronautics

Percival Lowell publishes "Mars and it's Canals"

Percival Lowell publishes "Mars and the Abode of Life"

Yakov Perelman (Bolshevik Jew), wrote what was thought to be the first serious book on space travel, "Interplanetary Travel".

Hermann Oberth, Die Rakete zu den Planetenräumen (By Rocket into Planetary Space) self-published after its rejection as a doctoral thesis.
Here we have the first example of Science Fiction being applied for doctoral thesis.

  Hermann Oberth is considered one of the founding fathers of rocketry and astronautics.
  Hermann Oberth is claimed to be the mentor of Wernher von Braun.

Wernher von Braun was a NAZI:

  NA = NAtional Socialist
  ZI = ZIonist Jew

Wernher von Braun was imported into US INC as a "rocket scientist" and “space architect” he is responsible for the Fake Space Age becoming a taxing reality for the people.

NAZI founded NASA

Drawing by Tsiolkovksy for the film ‘Cosmic Voyage’ showing a cosmonaut exiting a rocket via an airlock into the vacuum of Space.

Credit: Archive of Russian Academy of Science

1942 - October
NAZI claim to have launched V-2 A4 rocket from Peenemünde, an island off Germany's Baltic coast, further claim to be the first to reach Space, traveling 118 miles (189.9 km).

As history has shown, it was 40 years after the Russian Science Fiction writer (Tsiolkovksy) invented the properties of Space, that we have the Zionist Jews claiming they put a Rocket into the man-made construct of Space.

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Re: Who invented Space?

Post by peser71 on Thu Jan 19, 2017 1:19 am

thank you for al this history. we can see that lies work together for many years till arrive to our days and create this big illusion to entire world. otherwise none could believe in this blue marble joke.


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Re: Who invented Space?

Post by Schpankme on Thu Jan 19, 2017 3:06 am

peser71 wrote:we can see that lies
create this big illusion to entire world
this blue marble joke

They created a new Religion with the Big Blue Marble being part of Scientism.

"Religious circle", Symbols by the clockwise order:
Bahá'í Faith
Celtic paganism (contemporary)
Semitic paganism (contemporary)
Hellenic paganism (contemporary)

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Re: Who invented Space?

Post by Schpankme on Fri Jan 20, 2017 6:38 am

Religion - Faith Based
Created through Science Fiction Stories and Academic Theory (pretend)

Symbol is the Spherical Earth (Global Community)
Location of the Spherical Earth, within the man-made-construct of Space

Other Scientism worship:
Big Bang
Planets and Moons (Spaceballs that orbit about one another)
Missing Link
Petroleum from fossils (see Dinosaurs)
Global Warming

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Re: Who invented Space?

Post by Schpankme on Sun Jan 29, 2017 9:03 pm

Look at the image provided and you will see the  Old World Order (OWO) as shown in the Corporate, US INC flag on the left (THEISM), and the incorporated, NASA flag on the right (ATHEISM).  The NASA flag is the NWO, which indoctrinates the self-proclaimed intellectuals of the population into the State Sponsored Religion of Scientism, using direct Taxation, the Educational System, Media, and Entertainment Industry.

NASA sales Spaceballs orbiting about one another in the man-made construct of Space. A place that only exists in Science Fiction Stories.  
The red chevron on the NASA logo means FICTION.

From birth, you are indoctrinated to worship the man-made constructs of Heaven and Space.

  Space    (Gravity)
  Heaven (Holy Spirit)

You belong to one or both of these State Sponsored Religions (Fiction):


  • Faith based (Pretend)
  • Bible babel
  • Heaven
  • Holy Spirit
  • Jew created


  • Theory based (Pretend)
  • Science Fiction babel
  • Space
  • Big Bang (Gravity)
  • Jew created

The two greatest lies ever propagated on humankind are Ball Earth and Jew Savior, both made possible by an ejaculation into the Virgin source

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Re: Who invented Space?

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