The Holocaust/Holohoax

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Re: The Holocaust/Holohoax

Post by Kostas on Sun Oct 29, 2017 2:05 am

Recent example how they pushing holohoax in countries which sufered most from jewish comunist regime and putting guilt on the all Lithuanian people:

Author Rūta Vanagaitė two year ago presented a book, "Our Own", about the Holocaust in Lithuania(Our own boys used to go shooting people after school)

Not surprise her real name Ruta Vanagaite Wiman confesses about her new relationship: her new significant other is the well-known Nazi hunter E. Zuroff
Rūta Vanagaitė was accompanied by Efraim Zuroff to the signing of her autobiography Višta Strimelės Galva on Thursday evening in Vilnius. R. Vanagaitė admitted to DELFI her one year long relationship with the Simon Wiesenthal centre's director and so-called angriest nazi hunter E. Zuroff.

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Interesting that after 71 year they do not have a single proof of mass jew killing in Lithuania. They say that
lithuanians exsterminated 95 % of the Litvaks(lithuanian jews), to contrary Lithuanians have documents and and names of the jews who partisipated in genocide of lithuanians and later in 1993 fled to Israel.

Ruta Vanagaite Wiman recently released (autobiographical book) Chicken with the Head of a Baltic Herring (Višta Strimelės Galva),"

Where she made statments based on KGB documents about Lithuania's anti-Soviet resistance commander Adolfas Ramanauskas-Vanagas. That he participated in the jew killing and that Ramanauskas-Vanagas was not tortured, but tried to commit suicide.
Of couse KGB did not tortured people:

After torture and killing they often nailed bodies to the walls for people to see.  

Lithuanian partisans, known as the Forest Brothers, began guerrilla warfare against the Soviet forces as soon as the front passed over them in 1944, and continued an armed struggle until 1953, though individual fighters held out until the 1960s

Ramanauskas commander of the Dainava partisan district.

Ramanauskas, who worked as a teacher in Alytus, joined anti-Soviet resistance in 1945 and became the commander of the Dainava partisan district a couple of years later and of the South Lithuania Region in 1948. Ramanauskas and his wife were arrested in Kaunas in 1956 and he was sentenced to death a year later.

Two days ago: Publisher withdraws Vanagaitė's books over remarks about Lithuanian partisan leader
The publishing group Alma Littera said on Friday that it was ending cooperation with Rūta Vanagaitė and withdrawing all of her books from the market over the author's unacceptable statements about Lithuania's anti-Soviet resistance commander Adolfas Ramanauskas-Vanagas.

Let see next move of these Nazi hunters

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