Promoting Flat Earth

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Re: Promoting Flat Earth

Post by fakenasa on Tue Mar 07, 2017 9:12 pm

He promotes David Irving. At this point I still think B.o.B. is legit. It takes alot of work to wade through all the endless shills so I think he may be behind when it comes to that.


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Re: Promoting Flat Earth

Post by Inferknite on Wed Mar 08, 2017 5:10 am

Following is a short list of some music from B.O.B.'s ELEMENTS mixtape. I have to run so I had to stop at FUCKIN' SCIENCE BRO (track name). I find it hard to believe that he can put all of this together so succinctly while failing to present even one rational argument for F.E. on that radio interview. Did they get to him? Is he a shill? Dis info agent? What's going on here....? Read for yourself.

Born to die

(Depopulation, Body’s natural capacity to heal)

Not a human, not afraid
I will not comply, I will not obey
See the plan is to depopulate
But the body can overcome anything, fuck what a doctor say

(Debt Slavery)
Born a slave to a tyrant,
Its gonna take more than petitions and riots
Are we headed for a future where we’re indebted to credit?
Hopin’ the next leader elected will trump the one we beheaded?

(Ostracizing people who are not ‘normal’, Healthcare making people sick)

Beaten down to the pulp for being different
You question old tradition they just say you superstitious
Like a snake that eats its own tail, the economic system
Public schools the babysitter, health care is the modern day Adolf Hitler
FACT CHECK (is he hinting something here?... that the ‘facts’ about Hitler need to be checked?)
, ever since the internet
Molestation multiplied by a million percent

(JFK/MLK/Lenon assassination, Hollywood destroying Cosby’s career… illuminati…annunaki, neo-nazi… hmmm)

History shows for speaking up my whole life is at risk
Yeah I'm cocky, kamikaze, who gon' stop me? Annunaki
Illuminati? Neo-Nazis? They do me how they do Cosby
When you winnin' they gon' love you till you lose like Ronda Rousey
Every revolutionary they execute 'em proudly
It go JFK, nope, MLK, nope
Since Lennon got smoked, it's clear they don't want us to have hope

(CIA planned ghettos and introduction of crack into the ghettos they manufactured)

They tore down our houses, replaced it with dope
And say that it's our fault, false!

( so much is packed into this next verse… I’ll let it speak for itself)

Stay in school they said, use your tools they said
But being on TV looks pretty cool I said
That's true I said, must I remind myself
These corporations aren't your friends, you should've signed yourself
They, they, who are they? They are us
We are they, the pyramids started at the top, we just mimic and behave
The same way, Babylon brainwaves
Human incarceration's the modern day slave trade
Cost of college, cost of living so high you can't maintain
All you can do is sell pills, drink tea, and waist train
Struggle to make mortgage and re-up by payday
And the wealthiest families split it up eight ways

Cold Bwoy

(The real drug dealers are the pharmacies)

Pharmacy the real dope boy

The Crazies

(propaganda making people act crazy leading to something like the purge)

It's a dog eat dog world
It’s a dog eat dog world
Me, I'm in the middle
Just tryna keep some calm nerves
Propaganda just like clockwork
Niggas panic just like clockwork
I'm just chilling in the middle
With them crazies and them mobsters

(news anchors work with intelligence agencies)

If I was you, I would be scared too
News anchors is the feds, too

(This verse is really gold…I’ll let it speak for itself)

They want to turn us into monsters
They circumcise your cock, first
Vaccinate you second
Desensitize your heart third
Have you ever watched Purge?
Effects are subtle, but the outcome is a lot worse
Psychopath, schizophrenia
Watch us kill each other unbothered
They treat us like a lost herd
We runnin new age thinkers and philosophers
But every guru ain't a 1000
Watch out for imposters


I wonder if they makin’ up some lies right now…
Ohh… see that jet fuel… that jet fuel gonna melt them steal beams girl…

You can call me Columbus girl… see Columbus discovered America… oh you was born with that ass?
Why the fuck you lying… why you always lyin… mmmmm oh my god… stop fuckin’ lyin! Always lyin to me… you lyin so much… you makin it hard for me

Clinton : I did not have sexual relations with that woman


(Boycotting Mortgage, taxes etc)

They been plotting, keeping secrets
Boycotting mortgage that’s dangerous thinking
Boycotting taxes, that’s dangerous thinking
Boycott authority, dangerous thinking!

(TV brainwashes people)

Turn off the TV, it’s way too misleading
Telling them lies, until you believe them
Repeat it, repeat it, repeat it, repeat it
It don’t take a genius to pick up the pieces

(Govt surveillance , Darwinism is BS)

It’s no secret, they been watching , getting heated
I’ve been mobbing, taking meetings
Evolution, that’s dangerous thinking


(Nasa fakery, Darwin might be a Mason, Evolution is a lie, )

Oh shit, this like the part in The Matrix when he take the red pill and he wake up and go ape shit
They told us we evolved on some ape shit
But I guarantee ya Charles Darwin was a Mason, damn
They like you humans so puny
You just appeared after a big bang of gas and started fumin' together to make life
Don't need to think twice
There's nothin' bout you special. You basically sand mites
On this tiny fuckin' speck of dirt called Earth
The only sign of life in the entire Universe
Oh and every star's a billion, trillion miles away
So how the fuck we got a picture of the Milky Way?


(Fake space program, CGI photos of planets, NASA agenda to make us feel insignificant, million mile NASA internet)

My fellow Americans, we have just discovered a new planet
Uhh.. Although we spent dozens and dozens of years researching and billions and billions of tax payers money researching space and exploring space science, we just saw this planet. We overlooked it. It was hiding behind a blackhole or something, I don't know. But.. but, uhh.. here, he- here are the images
Where are the images? You got the images?

So, here, here are the images clearly as you can see
It's about 8 light years away. Uh.. how do we have pictures?
Uh.. We have, we have super fast, we have million mile internet. Faster than anything Earth has seen, but we just use it for to explore space
Uh.. but I tell ya, yanno you can look at these pictures yourself
We got all the planets. Uh.. but theres nothing out there
I mean, HA! I tell ya, there's nothing out there
Yanno we're gonna keep spending money and keep looking
We're gonna keep sending cameras into space
We're gonna keep sending fucking astronauts into space
We're going to keep going out there and keep sending back CGI
Pictures - I mean, cough cough...
We're gonna keep sending back pictures
Just to let you guys know you're alone
You're alone
And you're insignificant creatures
Signing off

Purple Mountain

(schools suck, the enemy is not external and outside us)

This the feeling teachers never gave to students
Who get paid too little to raise the stupid
Who learn more from gangster music than basic schoolin'
A whole generation of angry youth who get mistaken as a pain or a nuisance
Distracted by the fame and jewelry, a country where we praise the wicked and shame the clueless
When the enemy is within who do you aim the Nuke at?
Are we really at the top or is that just how're we are trained to view it?

(Multi generational conspiracy… but here he is pointing at an enemy besides the JEWISH… is this the 10% disinfo we’ve been warned about?)

I wonder who made the blueprint? Is it the same bloodline that enslaved the Jewish
Built ships and chained us to it, paid a sniper to aim at Luther
Took the World Trade, flew planes into it, and framed the Muslims?
This probably sounds like a scene from your favorite movie
Well wake up, wake up, it don't take brains to do it, it take bank to do it

(Ghettos as experiments)

You ever wonder why it's called the projects?
Picture the statue of liberty in a thot (that hoe over there) dress
I leave you all to your thoughts to process
Sincerely yours truly, God bless

Cut Throat

( no comment needed… just read the lyrics…)

So just read up who own the stations that your favorite shows come on
Radio stations your favorite songs come on
The truth ain't unknown, even the paper that I'm on
Shit even the label I'm on, shit even the paper that I own
The federal reserve ain't even owned by the government, I'm on some other shit
I'm on a mothership, fuck are we voting for?
Who is this congressman, Fortune 500's
Be funding the Democratics and Republicans
In case you was wonderin'

(Crisis actors, Govt being complicit in Katrina… possibly 9/11 reference also)

But you're distracted by the ratchets
By the racket, by the bad bitch
They broadcast the madness using the same crisis actors
They used for the last disaster but you didn't catch it
Remember Katrina when they blew up the levees
All the people that said they was hearing explosions, they chopped out to edit
Tell me do you remember, or would you rather forget it
It's the sixth-Earth parellel world Armageddon

Bend Over


Various news clips about Hollywood actors dying..

Chapelle clip where he is quoted saying “what is happening in Hollywood that a guy that tough (regarding Martin Lawrence) could be running around on the highway waving a gun screaming they are trying to kill me?”

(Obsession with vain and meaningless information such as which celebrity is sleeping with who… not realizing we are all being fucked over by the same people)


You so focused on who fucking who you don’t realize who fucking you
You so suckered into who fucking who you don’t realize who fucking you motherfucker
Bend over, bend over
Grab your ankles, touch your knees, bend over

Excuse me

(News swaying the minds of the public, movies with subliminal meanings, F/E and the moon, our current state as slaves)

And we live in a state of confusion
I hear what they say on the news
They usually just laying a blueprint
Used to create a delusion
Movies to sway your conclusion
Used to delay your awakening
Steady creating illusions
Clues to mistaken the truth with
No sense debating with fools
Who put all of their faith in the skewed philosophy
With situational views
Too many saviors to choose
I stare at the face of the moon
Too much information
Too many equations
It's too complicated to prove
Stories portrayed we consume
Like thanksgiving tables of food
I'm sorry not sorry
I ain't in the mood
To dress up and play in this room
You can judge me and say that it's cruelty
I see the chains and the whip
I just don't mistake it for jewelry
Fuck out my face now, excuse me
I ain't got no patience today so excuse me

Summers Day

(Jews/Goyem, Selling your soul in the record industry, sick Hollywood leading to celeberties going ‘crazy’, Money as GOD)

If money is your God who's your Devil?
If everybody die what make you special?
I wonder if heaven got a ghetto
And I wonder if it's crowded
Okay now I'm acting childish but hey
Don't force your religion on me
And I won't force my non-religion on you
Truth's the only thing I'm devoted to
So am I equal or just goyem to you
So Bob your fourth album how does it feel?
Ever wonder why every artist want out of they deal?
The price you pay to sell out record stores
When they say they sell they soul it's not a metaphor

(This is another one of those incredible verses… I’ll let it speak for itself)

I wonder if JFK tried to warn us a storm was around the corner
Most of these law enforcers just force us all in a corner
Then make it harder for the farmers
Ya son ya wife and ya daughter
They make it hard to support em
I'm just here to inform ya
The power structure's enormous
Speaking out on these topics like swatting a nest of hornets
They come from the left and right
They swarm our bodies like garments
With chemicals here to harm us
Then after you bust ya ass they tax yo ass for a portion
That's parasitic behavior
How dare they minimum wage us?
How dare you mention a pay cut
Like we didn't read the terms and conditions
And they betrayed us
Don't need permission to wake up
Cuz your silence is your consent for them to consistently rape us

(America is a corporation, You are property, Satanic Hollywood)

America the company who owns the title?
Shit I don't know it could be Russia or China
Thats why they identify you as property
Born into robbery
No Robin Hood
If Satan had a house it'd be in Hollywood
Walking away is the most difficult part
Red carpet before for the rituals start
They know they can't keep me in check
Or keep me asleep with a check
As long as it's breath in my chest
I'm pressing these niggas to death

False Flag

(False flags)

Everybody false flaggin', man you already a nigga blessed

(Govt is lying to us… there is no real individual sovereignty or justice, generational slavery)

What you wanted me to say to you?
Give you something to awaken you
Find a topic that's conveyable?
A prophecy that's inescapable?
This the world that they portray to you
Sovereignty is unattainable
Justice, too, is unavailable
The judge's ruling is persuadable
Slavery is generational
Who you worship, who you praying to?
Watch these fakers what they say to you
You see the truth it's unmistakable
No, they wouldn't lie to me dog
No, they wouldn't like to me, bro
No, they wouldn't lie to the world
No, they wouldn't lie under oath
No man can be high as the law
The law that was sworn to uphold
It's too late, the door has been closed
Too many stories' been told

(Anarchy, fake wars, fake geopolitical enemies, Govt tricking soldiers into the ‘good fight’, the system turns people into evil pricks)

No more no more allegiance to no more leaders
To people that put the law above the land
It's a scam like Iraq and Iran, Afghanistan
Creating targets, create the martyrs
Democracy artists, good hearted people enlisted to fight
For this system that stripped all your rights
And the bitch is delivered in doses so potent that when they’re administered people turn sinister
The retina, the all seeing retina
The mark of the beast, the mark of the predator
God bless, God bless America, god bless the regular
Far from the regular
Don't kill the messenger, bandz

King Tut

(Government propagated hoaxes like sandy hook etc?... segregated proms, biased justice system)

Vomit, everyday or something
Some grenade or something
Someone say that someones bombing the gunman
Propagate and conflicts sway the moral compass
You debate on who done done it
Converse, I'ma stay a slum
It's still segregated proms in the state I'm from
And they still gon' bang you up for an ashtray of crumbs
If a cop could pop you, no indictment
It's obvious the justice system pretty biased
Take your right away like arthritis
The eye of the all seeing iris

(Depravity of culture before Atlantis was flooded)

A mirror of ballers that ain't got no budget
It feel like Atlantis before it got flooded

(Here B.O.B. is warning people from ‘stuntin’, spending their money on vanity. This is actually a very real problem especially in the hood)

Looked in the mail I just got my advance
Why I'm at the dealership three minutes later?
I fuck up a M (million dollars)
Don't fuck up my trim
What you expect?
When you run from cops yo whole life
It ain't shit just to run through a check
In the red
Now you pressed
Niggas dying
Just to dress, guess that's why it's called fresh to death
Nigga let yo wallet catch a breath
But instead you goin' stunt on yo ex

Action News

(clips from the real sandy hook shooting interviews with some of the kids there. Including one of the interviews where a mother was signaling her daughter to answer the questions by rubbing her stomache and touching her etc)

(inconsistent stories in ‘mass shooting’ hoaxes)

Gunshots apparently heard, have all of the parents concerned
Such a tragedy that this is happening in such a lovely suburb
Police and chief in high alert, investigators need to search
Sources say there were two gunmen but people claim there was a third
It's hard to confirm, so Bob are people still panicking?
Yeah but it could have been worse, our sources say this is some type of
Religious terrorist hate group with an insatiable thirst
Signing off, this is Action News, remember you heard it here first

(Fear leads to more control… digital surveillance)

Parent: To be honest with you I'm just like 'let's go get her cellphone activated right now.' X2

Under the Dome
( this is a heavy hitter… clones, flat earth, chem trails, geo-engineering diabetes soda, negative effects of wifi when you are sleeping, Fema coffins , false flags etc)

Chemtrail clouds, I'm asleep, though
Acid rain, I'm asleep though
Fluoride water, I'm asleep, though
New World Order, I'm asleep though
Diabetes soda, I'm asleep though
Cloned and Modified beef, though
Heavy metals all in the drinks, though
Wi-Fi cook a nigga in his sleep, though

FEMA coffins
The people watching
Counting sheep, niggas sheep walking
All these dickriders, where's Lorena Bobbit
Blogs ain't talking bout shit but baby mommas
You don't wanna stir the pot
You don't wanna detox
I'm asleep though..
You ever heard of Basquiat
You don't want a 2pac
You want Love & Hip-Hop
I'm asleep though..
Cops taking cheap shots, all weak, though
False Flag headlines all week, though
Chalk outline on the street, though
I'm just tryna make it out alive, in one piece, though
(Piece, though/Pistol!)
I'm asleep, though
Cloned politicians don't sleep, though
Earth flat as fuck, I'm asleep though
Geo-engineering, I'm asleep, though
Diabetes soda, I'm asleep, though
New World Order, I'm asleep, though
Cloned and Modified beef, though
Wi-Fi cook a nigga in his sleep, though

(Glyphosate found in tampons/pads )

Monsanto is all up inside your vaginas, tampons pantie liners

(Gender Blur… stars shining through moon , chemtrails, sex-ed in preschool, designer babies, fluoride water)

Gender Blur got all of the kids confused, teaching Sex Ed in preschool
Designer babies in the wombs (clones!)
Stars shining through the moon
But I'm asleep, though
Chemtrail clouds, I'm asleep though
Fluoride Water, I'm asleep though

Fuckin Science Bro

(Fake dinosaurs, rockerfeller and climate change)

Hi-yah lads! Welcome to science class
Bob quit writin' raps in your log sheet, nobody's gon' sign your ass
Okay let's get scientific
Fossil fuels come from years and years of bio-decomposition
It's really just scientific
BOB: “Why didn't all the fossils turn to oil?”
Some did, some didn't
BOB “Didn't Rockerfeller pay the scientists off the year of the Geneva Convention?”
Wait? What was that?
You wanna come up here in front of class?
What? You wanna teach?
You really think you're smarter than me?
No sir, sit down
Here's your homework on the atom bomb and the World War
How it affected us then and now
BOB “Well uh... I seen the footage and uh, I really just want some answers
How does someone film an atomic bomb and it doesn't destroy the camera?
I mean...
I was just...”
Bro, I'm just sayin'... I don't know

(Fossil Fuels and fake dinos, flat earth , people voting for their enslavment with their lifestyle )

Damn, must have been a hell of them stegosauruses
Over a century burnin' fossil fuels, still ain't no shortages
I ain't sayin' I'm Neo, but I'm nothin' short of a morpheus
Fuck, thought this was a globe, I gotta check my coordinates
You can blame my disorderly conduct on my subordinance
If it ain't no Coriolis who's to blame for New Orleans?
Why the poorest people always get extorted by corporate giants
We don't boycott, we buy in and I find it unfortunate, yeah


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Re: Promoting Flat Earth

Post by Admin on Wed Mar 08, 2017 8:11 am

B.O.B.'s lyrics vs. reality reminds me of O.D.D.'s lyrics vs. reality:

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Re: Promoting Flat Earth

Post by Inferknite on Wed Mar 08, 2017 8:54 am

B.O.B is working on a new album. Time will tell if he veers from his positions in Elements.

Anyone here know it easier to speak the truth in music vs reality? Did these people recently pull back from their previous positions?

If you youtube : B.o.B Speaks on Why He Didn't Vote, Sevyn Streeter Breakup + Remy Ma & Nicki Minaj Battle

Watch around 3 minute mark when he is asked about his positiom on FE. His whole demenear and tone changes but he is still referring you to his music.

He clearly shys from providing any proofs. Did these people get threatned? Why can they speak their mind in music but not reality?

Something worth investigating I think...


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Re: Promoting Flat Earth

Post by HeatHen on Wed Mar 08, 2017 1:58 pm

This is my first post here on IFERS. I'd just like to say thank you for this here resource, and all the other eye-popping stimulus elsewhere on the net, Eric!

Here's my first FE poem - unseen elsewhere, I offer it here as a votive for the continuation of uncovering that which must surely be the most heinous lie ever told.

Hello Moon

Hello, Moon,
I saw you in your bright blue cape;
Hiding in the daylight's blazer,
Your brilliant Cheshire Cat
Grin giving you away.

I'll be sure to see you tomorrow,
Cloaked all the more,
Hoping to traipse
Surreptitiously around
The firmament's saline shore.

But I cradled you in a gaze
That saw: hares hopping
In envious pique;
The cow loose its tongue
And rudely speak
Of the dish divorcing
The lunatic spoon,
And the ludicrous lie
About the dark side
Of you, my Moon.

Best Wishes


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Re: Promoting Flat Earth

Post by Inferknite on Thu Mar 09, 2017 6:36 am

believe it or not, I really think that poem could make for a decent rap song ~ Fat Jon and Nujabes style afro

Speaking of the moon, it was clear to me today that the clouds were going both in front of it and behind it.

How to Spread Flat Truth Without Totally Giving Yourself Up

1) Write on university chalkboards. "Research Flat Earth" "#EricDubay #FlatEarth "or even bring them here
2) Leave little pieces of paper in library books with FE proofs, Research Flat Earth, and other such messages. Hell even put your poems out there for cryin' out loud! Why not? Hit them on all levels.
3) Play flat earth music while driving especially in a busy intersection. Play some of Eric's videos while driving especially in a busy intersection.
4) comment #flatearth #ericdubay on really popular instagram accounts, especially ones that belong to Big Science.
5) Little FE stickers that you can put everywhere you think people's eyes are likely to land.
6) Leave copies of Eric's books in those 'leave a book take a book' type of libraries you see on some streets.
7) If you are into graffiti, spray paint some FE stuff. Be as creative as you like.
Cool Write with marker little FE messages in bathrooms, buses, subways, desks, and anything else you can get your hands on.
9) Write FE stuff on your money. Use this money somewhere you don't usually go.

To escape the shills we must keep associating Flat Earth with Eric Dubay. There is a lot of crap out there. As far as I can tell Eric is the real deal. FE and Eric Dubay are two things which need to become synonymous, at least for now. Once the truth gets all the way out however, there will only be the truth. Everything else... shills, half-wits, sell outs, half-truthers and even the Champion of FE will fade away and all will be left is the eternal truth.


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Re: Promoting Flat Earth

Post by Schpankme on Thu Mar 09, 2017 6:50 am

Inferknite wrote:
Speaking of the moon
it was clear to me
the clouds were going behind it

To escape the shills
There is a lot of crap out there
shills, half-wits, sell outs, half-truthers and all will be left is the eternal truth

You saw clouds going BEHIND the Moon, and you want to be taken seriously on this Forum?

There is no weather above about 50 miles in altitude.
The moon is about 3,200 miles in altitude.

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Re: Promoting Flat Earth

Post by Skywalker on Thu Mar 09, 2017 11:34 am

This clouds behind the moon disinfo really annoys me. It's so plainly clear that only the lighter areas of the clouds are transparent enough to let the moon shine through them while the thicker darker areas are opaque enough to block the light.

I wish some people would edit this shit out of videos if they are re-uploading. They are merely promoting disinformation by not doing so which if you ask me, is intentional. If they don't want to edit out the disinformation then how about not promoting these videos in the first place.

Schpankme wrote:
Inferknite wrote:
Speaking of the moon
it was clear to me
the clouds were going behind it

To escape the shills
There is a lot of crap out there
shills, half-wits, sell outs, half-truthers and all will be left is the eternal truth

You saw clouds going BEHIND the Moon, and you want to be taken seriously on this Forum?

There is no weather above about 50 miles in altitude.
The moon is about 3,200 miles in altitude.

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Re: Promoting Flat Earth

Post by Schpankme on Thu Mar 09, 2017 11:39 am

Skywalker wrote:
clouds behind the moon disinfo really annoys me

When you can't hold off the truth make it the subject of ridicule.

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Re: Promoting Flat Earth

Post by Inferknite on Thu Mar 09, 2017 4:21 pm

I have to admit, I first heard about clouds going behind the moon in a youtube video, and couldn't understand how there could be clouds at such an altitude.

From time to time I can see this happening... skywalker your explaination makes sense to me. I will have to verify this for myself with a high zoom camera.

I am not here to spread disinfo. Come to think if it clouds behind the moon fits nicely with the "moon is a hologram" disinfo...



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Re: Promoting Flat Earth

Post by Molina on Sun Dec 09, 2018 3:07 am

Before anything, thank you very much for have accepted me to become a member of IFERS.
This is my first post here in IFERS.
I want to participate as much as I can promoting this revolution.
To start, I want to put a 8 or 10 inches IFERS decal in my truck.

Before send to print the decal, first:

1. I want to be sure that the next logo is the official logo of IFERS.,1610570464

2. If the previous logo, is the official logo of IFERS and there is not a new revision, It would be nice that someone can share me a PDF file or any other manageble file.

Congratulations to all, specially Eric, you are doing an EXCELLENT job in this important matter.

Please do not put too much attention to any grammatical mistake. English is not my first lenguage.


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Re: Promoting Flat Earth

Post by Admin on Sun Dec 09, 2018 4:25 am

Welcome Molina, as far as I know that is the official best/current IFERS logo, though I can't seem to find a PDF or other copy of it at the moment. Peace

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Re: Promoting Flat Earth

Post by Sponsored content

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