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Ocean Waves

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Ocean Waves Empty Ocean Waves

Post by Fakeflip Wed Nov 03, 2021 7:39 am

Ocean waves are Liquid waves. Also known as surface waves. Surface waves are the only ones in physics which show dual propagation, transverse and longitudinal, both at the same time. The only ones in the whole nature, in fact, with dual propagation.

Wave propagation, whether transverse or longitudinal, in this very case BOTH simultaneously, is ONLY mathematically possible when waves are travelling on a STRAIGHT LINE, known as still water level or equilibrium line.

This is due to a Principle of Propagation, established by Christiaan Huygens . The Principle of wavelengths established in 1682 on his Treaty called Mécanique Théorique et Physique.

Waves on round surfaces, like balloons, are known as UNPHYSICAL PHENOMENA. According to the Oxford dictionary (lexico) unphysical is any phenomenon not in agreement with laws or principles of physics. Waves on balloons cannot be defined, classified or derived. This is due to their wavelengths. Their wavelengths do not match the Principle.

A wave must have a DEFINED wavelength. From crest to trough, the wavelength must be exactly the same number, no matter which points of the wave are linked. This is what the Principle says.

But waves on spherical surfaces form angles, just like an accordeon when opened: the crests become more wide open whereas the troughs become closer together. Consequently, wavelengths become INDEFINITE, turning these waves UNPHYSICAL.

That's not the case with ocean waves. They only have perfect mathematics because they are straight. All formulae are able to calculate exactly what happens in the ocean. That's because lambda λ can be defined.... λ Lambda is the most important measurement on a wave, that's why wave physics constitutes the strongest scientific argument in favour of the the truth.... because waves are only EXPLAINED if they are straight.

Earth is flat, waves prove that

Next, I'll talk how wave DIFFRACTION proves flat earth.

Yours, Fakeflip



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