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Antarctic Expedition Ideas

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Antarctic Expedition Ideas Empty Antarctic Expedition Ideas

Post by Admin Sun Sep 19, 2021 7:49 am

Here is a great little video to start off this important discussion:

Good health to all, my name is Vladimir
I appeal to all free people who want to know the truth of this world. I address separately to sailors and owners of yachts throughout the world.
Furthermore, I address separately to yacht clubs of Russia, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Indonesia, Argentina, Brazil, India, Japan, Great Britain, Canada, Mexico and all other countries.
I am not interested in sponsorship by any official scientific organizations. What I propose can only be done and accomplished by ordinary, but free people.
The purpose of my project is an expedition that none of the ordinary people made before, which is the crossing of 60 degrees south latitude and sea round trip around Antarctica, in direct, visual visibility and calculation of the distance travelled. So as to finally close the question on the SHAPE OF OUR PLANET.
The ultimate goal of the expedition:
- To determine the true shape of our planet.
The objectives of the expedition:
- Elaboration of legal issues, if necessary, creating an application for obtaining permission to cross 60 degrees south latitude.
- Crossing 60 degrees south latitude. Fixation or no fixation the “white nights”.
- According to the official point of view, from September 21 to March 23, on our planet there should be a polar day beyond the polar circle at the South Pole, when the sun does not set below the horizon. This is a test of that theory. Crossing 66 degrees south latitude, which is the polar circle, fixation or no fixation the polar day. An intermediate result is that already at this stage, in part, it will be possible to confirm or deny the official point of view on the structure of our earth!
- A sea yacht round trip around Antarctica in direct, visual visibility, capturing the distance travelled on various technical devices.
- Collection and analysis of the received data from all technical devices, calculation of the distance travelled. Publication of the results obtained (including source materials) for public access.
- At the end of the expedition, the answer will be given as to the shape of our Earth. If we live on a globe-shaped planet with a globe radius of 6,300 km, then the southern polar circle will be 16,000 km. If we live on a plane earth, roughly like the map from the UN flag, then the southern polar circle would be over 100,000 km. A round trip around Antarctica by water on a sea yacht, and measuring the distance travelled, will give a clear answer to the question of the shape of our planet.

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I would love to see a mass expedition exodus in our lifetimes like at the end of my FE children's book!

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Antarctic Expedition Ideas Empty Agenda 2030 - Beyond the Icewall

Post by Agenda2030 Tue Oct 05, 2021 4:15 pm

Hello people, I am new to this forum and have spent some weeks going through various threads to see if this topic have ever been brought up, with no luck. So please correct me if im wrong.

Agenda 2030 is different than the UN agenda, Agenda 2030 is focused on revealing what is beyond the Icewall of Antarctica, just like the UN slogan, within 2030 I wish to have created a decentralized way for expeditions to have explored what is beyond the Icewall.

The rough Idea: Basically beyond the 60th parallel is a huge area of sea that crosses 3 continents: South America(chile/Argentine), Africa(south Africa) and Australia and according to the maps available, the closest land is from South America, New Zealand and south Africa, respectfully, which the closest Island is only aprox 60km from the Argentinian side. However, the official map is highly disputed due to this particular area being very little explored and mapped, meaning the official measures and map should be taken with a grain of salt.

As proven by Jarle Andhoy, the whole area is not patrolled by military frigates(warships) and it is indeed possible to arrive at shore or one of the ice shelf, however, the road forward from that point on, is very unknown, some estimate it to be 6500km of mountains and land in various altitude other more optimistic estimates of only couple of thousand, the fact is, it is unknown, another caveat, which IMO is the most likely scenario of all different scenarios, that at the end of the other side, there will be more ocean and unless this "new ocean" is explored, you are basically at square one.

The whole point of this expedition is not to reveal this new world in one step, this will be the marking point for future generation to take one step further, help the new generation with reliable mapping and make their expedition more easy so they are prepared for what is to come.

We have 8 years to prepare and plan and I wanted to open a discussion for those of us, who value adventure and do stuff beside spread awareness, as actions always speaks louder than words.

I wanted to share a video from a guy who does some research with government facilities at that area and how the weather conditions are and what to expect: /watch?v=2IHYGhxqCvI

Last thing: I am currently in the process of buying a sailboat to acquire the required experience to maneuver the ocean, this is not a weekly or a monthly project, this is a project of several years and this have been on my mind ever since the start of 2020 - beyond 2030 there will be always opportunities, however, i view the politics and the controls that are being implemented by the UN cabal to severely limit possibilities for what we can do in the future...

Cheers Very Happy


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