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Flat Earth Horizon Proof

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Flat Earth Horizon Proof - Page 2 Empty Re: Flat Earth Horizon Proof

Post by Admin on Tue May 30, 2017 2:33 pm

The following video shows all the longest distance proofs for flat Earth such as rail guns hitting straight-line targets over a hundred miles away and the world record horizon zoom which captured mountains 275 miles away! Thousands to tens of thousands of feet of supposed curvature would make this video impossible if Earth were truly a globe.

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Flat Earth Horizon Proof - Page 2 Empty Re: Flat Earth Horizon Proof

Post by Birdog770 on Wed May 31, 2017 5:31 pm

Thank you so much for your work Eric and the rest of the contributors here.
This past weekend, I met up with a friend at the beach in Florida and we were both looking at the same horizon on a clear day. He says he sees a curve. I did not see the curve. I even held up a flat edge and showed him that it was level and he still did not except this. He was convinced that the distant horizon was curved and he was looking at a gentle curve.
I circled back and asked what he thought happened on 9-11-01 (this is my litmus test) and he believes what he was told. I asked what he thought about WTC bldg 7 and he wasn't aware of that bldg going down.
How can someone who thinks I'm half crazy and that he's smart, who believes they are informed but is not even knowledgeable of the number of bldg's that fell down until I told him. He looked it up and says it was an office fire. And that was good enough for him. I let it go. With his understanding telling him the truth that the earth is actually flat is definitely drinking from the fire hose.


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