The Flat Earth Society is Controlled Opposition!

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Re: The Flat Earth Society is Controlled Opposition!

Post by Schpankme on Mon Apr 17, 2017 1:33 am

What is "Controlled Opposition"?
These are people who through indoctrination promote Fiction instead of sticking with flat Earth facts.

I'm told about an impromptu conference call specific to flat Earth, there were 6 participants, one I knew fairly well and his understanding is exceptional; the other participants were unknown to me.  My self-imposed role was to be a fly on the wall.

The call starts as most, how did you find out about flat Earth; and then the Fictional Stories start flying.

Participant 1) My best friend to whom I completely trust, tells me he saw a Demon (wings ect.) fly-by.  I've now converted from Atheism to Theist because of what was told to me.  There's definitely a dome and creator god.

Participant 2) I THINK there's a Dome because there's must be something separating us from Space.  The most likely scenario is that we live in 4-dimensions and the Dome is just an energy barrier.  Water above water below.

Participant 3) Says all the right things. Warns about being indoctrinated through Church and State.

Participant 4) The Jesuits are the master minds behind Ball Earth; they own all the massive Telescopes and know about the Firmament, and they study the Galaxies.

Participant 5) Admiral Bird and Operation high jump, along with many other secret missions shot hundreds of Nuclear Missile at the Dome, trying to break it.  They found something and their not telling us.

Participant 6) "this man is about 30 years old", States that he just got out of the hospital (he's laying down during the call) where he had open heart surgery to remove the animal fat and cholesterol from some of his arteries.  He just found out about the flat Earth, and he's Catholic.  He's on the hunt to discover the facts.

EVERY Participant on this call, except #3, has falling for every fake story floated by the Controlled Opposition. Many of the participant made up their own nonsense to have something special to offer to their recently discovered flat Earth experience.

Moral of the Story:  fiction is used with facts to make things more believable.

Note: this is my rendition of the call, the participants maybe out of order, this is to be used as an example of the nonsense you are bombarded with daily.

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Re: The Flat Earth Society is Controlled Opposition!

Post by Yogi Tolord on Mon Apr 17, 2017 1:08 pm

Hey Guys, Looking for some listings on the shills thread and haven't found much on Jesse Spots or Nathan Stolpman(lift the veil-youtube). Any thoughts on those two? yogi
Yogi Tolord

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The Globe Earth Society.

Post by Overworld on Sat Jul 01, 2017 5:38 am

They might as well be called the globe earth society. I started questioning the globe earth model less than a year ago, of course I had heard about the flat earth society so naturally I thought that is the place I should go for more info. At this point in my life I know they lie to us about EVERYTHING THAT MATTERS and had done enough research that I was seriously leaning towards flat earth.

But I thought I should give the globers a chance to prove it, so I went right to the debate section, and what an experience that was! For every post I made I was inundated with answers from globe earth shills promoting their mathemagics When they realized they weren't convincing me with their nonsense they resorted to attacking my intelligence, I was just too uneducated to understand.

It was like arguing with a room full of Jesuits with almost no flat earthers coming to my defense. I was literally getting ganged up on by globe earth shills.

So I told them I was done performing in their circus with their clowns and decided to visit the sections that were supposed to be reserved for flat earthers. What I found was these were also dominated by globe earth shills.

At this point I was done with this joke and attempted to cancel my account, and to my surprise there is apparently no way to cancel, however I was treated to more insults including one by a supposed flat earther that called me stupid.

In my estimation the flat earth society is a blatant psyop.

The funny thing is I am grateful to them, because after my experience there I have no doubt that the Earth is flat.

On the other hand I have nothing but contempt for these deceivers.


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Re: The Flat Earth Society is Controlled Opposition!

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