NASA Caught In Mind Blowing Temperature Fraud In Greenland

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NASA Caught In Mind Blowing Temperature Fraud In Greenland

Post by Thinkforyourself on Thu Jan 14, 2016 1:52 pm

Posted by The Modern Gnostic on 09/09/2015

The Apollo Mission hoaxes, The International Space Station hoax, The Space Shuttle disaster hoax and it goes on and on and on. 

Whether the fraud is big or small NASA thinks they can fool them all.

It seems the Khazarian Satanists of NASA are also the bagmen for the global warming fraud. Here’s CGI images of Greenland purportedly melting, referenced in the article below about the Fraudulent Greenland Meltdown. I can’t tell if these images are even CGI they’re so bad. Maybe it’s crayon or possibly a sharpie?

GHCN temperatures for Nuuk, Greenland show a sharp cooling trend over the past decade, of more than 3°C

[url=file:///Users/benwellesley/Downloads/html 2/threads/826.html][/url]

NASA data is based on GHCN, so it should be the same. But they don’t show much cooling over the past decade.

They accomplished this through a spectacular hockey stick of data tampering, which has raised recent temperatures more than 2.5 degrees relative to the 1960’s.

But the fraud is much worse than it seems. Over the past four years, GISS has also wiped out Greenland’s warm past. Greenland is much cooler now than it was 75 years ago, and NASA has to hide that fact in order to keep their fraudulent Greenland meltdown story intact.

NASA GISS data is managed by Gavin Schmidt of RealClimate, whose other most famous member is fraudster Michael E Mann.

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