The Atlantean Conspiracy Flat Earth Archive

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The Atlantean Conspiracy Flat Earth Archive

Post by Thinkforyourself on Wed Jan 13, 2016 11:18 pm

Posted by Admin on 03/02/2015

The following link is my constantly building Flat Earth archive on This one link already contains enough flat-Earth material to turn the staunchest skeptic into a humbled hermit. Please read, research and share!

The Atlantean Conspiracy Flat Earth Archive

All about Shillaphobia

Shun the non-believers!

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Re: The Atlantean Conspiracy Flat Earth Archive

Post by Mar L on Wed Apr 26, 2017 9:58 am

Just finished reading  The Atlantean  Conspiracy. I now feel lost as I don't want to read anything else and about to do a second reading to make sure I got everything.  Eric, do you have a bibliography for it ? As there are so many references you use that I'd love to read/research.
My main thoughts after reading it were
a.)I can't believe this fountain of knowledge is FREE
b.)This should be on the National curriculum of all schools (never going to happen ) or should be the FIRST  book everyone reads when they finish school.
c.) I thought I knew so much about hidden/forbidden knowledge but I bloody didn't!
Anyway. Thank you so much for writing /compiling all of that invaluable information. Thanks for your blogs,videos, website and this forum. Everyone involved who exudes truth and exists online to help others and reveal the true nature of our beautiful earth is brilliant.

Mar L

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