Max Igan is a Shill

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Re: Max Igan is a Shill

Post by csp on Wed Nov 09, 2016 2:41 am

949FitnessFreak wrote:I love Max Igan.  Just because you don't agree with someone 100% doesn't mean they don't have valuable things to say.  If you write off everyone that has a disagreement with you, you'll end up writing off everyone.  Ron Paul is the guy that got me started down the path of truth.  I know a lot have criticized him, but I will ALWAYS love him.  He started before most of us were born and there was no YouTube to promote your message.  He chose the best way to do it at the time, and as far as I'm concerned he's been the most influential figure in the truth movement.  He IS an anarchist and has said he's a voluntaryist.  

In fighting is never a good thing.  

Max is a controlled opposition shill, he spreads truth with disinformation to lead "peace and loving" folks such as yourself down the garden path.

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