Dinosaur Hoax - Dinosaurs Never Existed!

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Re: Dinosaur Hoax - Dinosaurs Never Existed!

Post by Schpankme on Fri Aug 04, 2017 7:22 am

csp wrote:
well preserved mona-lisa-of-dinosaurs

Another fake dinosaur fossil
carved from what appears to be some sort of rock

Where does flesh turn to stone without any decay over millions of years?
In science fiction land, that's where!

When you render the Petroleum out of the Dinosaur, very slowly over millions of years, the Bones and Skin auto-magical form into fossilized museum pieces.

/Sarcasm Off

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Re: Dinosaur Hoax - Dinosaurs Never Existed!

Post by Oliver_Bestfall on Wed Aug 16, 2017 6:28 pm

Once upon a time, an American engineer took a pile of rubble and got himself into some trouble.  His name is Eric Prokopi and this is the story.

    Eric Prokopi had a vision, steeped in an idea that dinosaurs once wandered nearly every swamp, steppe and savannah on Earth.  His vision seeks to honor dinosaurs and his mind sees dedicated intellectuals equipped with shovels, picks, toothbrushes and jewelers' loupes tenaciously excavating from a well-marked grid on the ground.

    In his vision, scientists catalogue every tiny bit and section of bone, sealing the precious nibs into clear plastic vials.  Meanwhile, the beasts are lovingly roused from millions of years of peaceful slumber and sealed into worthy vessels for transport.  Heroic teams reassemble the bones into museum-quality displays.  Exotic, polyphonic Latin and Greek prefixes and suffixes identify each specimen.

    For a time, Eric focused his attention on a dinosaur species known as Tyrannosaurus Bataar.  This species is said to be similar to a Tyrannosaurus Rex, the A-List celebrity of the dinosaur world.  Speaking of A-List celebrities, Nicolas Cage and Leonardo DiCaprio got into a bidding war (Miller, 2013) over a Tyrannosaurus Bataar skull that had been processed and preserved by Prokopi and placed on the auction block in 2007.

    Rewarding the commercial paleontological efforts, Nicolas Cage won the auction for the tidy sum of $270,000 US Dollars (Miller, 2013) which provided Eric Prokopi with the incentive and funding to pursue the next stage of his vision – assembling an entire Tyrannosaurus Bataar skeleton.  The vision had transitioned from a dream into a business enterprise.

    Forbes magazine outlined Eric Prokopi’s vision quest as a business venture; describing how Prokopi paid $200,000 US Dollars to move three shipping freight containers filled with Mongolian rock through Great Britain to the United States (Pavlo, 2014).  The containers were heading to Eric’s home in Gainesville, Florida.

    Enlisting the assistance of his wife, Amanda, Eric dumped more than three tons of rocks in the backyard of their home and the couple began working on the project.  Eric and Amanda expended thousands of hours engineering, framing, and assembling the bits and chunks of rock and bone (Parry, 2012).  They crafted a statuesque Tyrannosaurus Bataar skeleton standing over eight feet tall with a flowing serpentine length of twenty-four feet.

    The Prokopi Tyrannosaur was applauded as a masterpiece.  The New York Times described its appeal as an immediate, "intense interest" (Moynihan, 2012) and the auction value of the skeleton shot up to just over one million US Dollars.  Unfortunately, this masterpiece was about to become monster run amok.  Within days of the unveiling, the Tyrannosaurus Bataar would wreck Eric Prokopi's life.

    American paleontologist Mark Norrell and Canadian paleontologist Philip Currie inspected Prokopi's Tyrannosaurus Bataar.  They called the specimen a Tarbosaurus, to repudiate its tyrannosaur prestige and amplify it as a Mongolian native species.  At an international press conference on June 6, 2012, Norrell and Currie reported that based upon the colors of the bones, especially in the cracks and fissures, the specimen was most certainly excavated from the Gobi Desert in Mongolia (Parry, 2012).

    By blowing the whistle, Norrell and Currie announced to Mongolia and the entire international community that Eric Prokopi was a bone-smuggling, black-marketing fossil-poacher.  Kirk Johnson, Chief Curator of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science clarified the crux of the matter, “Mongolia owns all its fossils, not like the US, where people can dig up fossils on their private land and own them.  The fact [that] it is here means a law was broken" (Parry, 2012).
    The Mongolian government demanded immediate seizure of the skeleton with any and all other vertebrate fossils originating from the Gobi Desert.  The US Government agreed and charged Prokopi with several counts of felony bone-smuggling, black marketing and a fossil-poaching (Williams, 2014).
    Michael McCullough, the attorney representing Eric Prokopi, described the dinosaur skeleton as an amalgam of fossilized bones upon a metal frame; the bones came from "at least two, most likely many" creatures (Francescani, 2012).  US District Judge P. Kevin Castel declared that the specimen was a “Frankenstein model of a dinosaur with parts of several dinosaurs" (Francescani, 2012).

    But then again, all dinosaur skeletons are amalgamated Frankenstein assemblies of bones, rocks, plaster and plastic.  By that standard, Prokopi’s dinosaur fulfilled his vision.  By engineering the framework, shaping the individual bones and assembling this specimen from the three tons of rocks and bones in his backyard.  Dedicated to the vision, months and months of work, motivated by a million-dollar-payday ensured that a dinosaur would inevitably emerge from the heap.

    Eric was eventually sentenced to three-months in prison for this international smuggling crime.  Eric and Amanda Prokopi divorced, largely due to the financial, familial and marital stress (Pavlo, 2014) brought forth from the federal charges and professional ruin.  Nicolas Cage even surrendered the 2007 T-Bataar skull to US authorities (Rich, 2015) to avoid the pressures of shame from Hollywood and Mongolia for possession of a fossil-poacher’s prize.

    Apparently, Mongolia still needed some help.  Prokopi’s tyrannosaur was a vision quest, a custom-engineered specimen that did not follow a replicable pattern of nature.  When the specimen arrived in Mongolia, it was going to be the centerpiece of Mongolia’s paleo-tourism and dinosaur museum display.  Alas, Mongolia could not rebuild Eric’s vision.  US federal authorities strongly encouraged Prokopi to train Mongolian paleontologists (Pavlo, 2014) to reassemble the Tyrannosaurus Bataar.

    Eric Prokopi complied and the Tyrannosaurus Bataar was repatriated and reassembled.  This was, after all, his story of vision.

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Re: Dinosaur Hoax - Dinosaurs Never Existed!

Post by SoMuchToUnlearn Yesterday at 1:34 pm

How convenient! They found another missing link..


“Chilesaurus almost looks like it was stitched together from different animals, which is why it baffled everybody,” said Matthew Baron, a PhD student in Cambridge’s Department of Earth Sciences and the paper’s joint first author.

“Before this, there were no transitional specimens – we didn’t know what order these characteristics evolved in,” said Baron. “This shows that in bird-hipped dinosaurs, the gut evolved first, and the jaws evolved later – it fills the gap quite nicely.”

You really can't make this sh*t up..

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Re: Dinosaur Hoax - Dinosaurs Never Existed!

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