Smart Meter - Spy and Killer in your Home

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Smart Meter - Spy and Killer in your Home

Post by TruthWillRise on Wed Jan 03, 2018 12:59 am

Dear ifers Forum Members,

This is my first Post in this Forum, i made my Account because i searched to connect with you all beside Youtube after Eric was terminated.
I still cant believe why they blocked him so obviously.

Beside that i researched about Smart Meters the last Days...
I want to warn you Guys, they are not so harmless as most People think!

I highly suggest you to watch this Documentary about the new "Smart" Meters...



Please Share the Video where you can, we need to get our Power back!

Greets from Vienna


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Re: Smart Meter - Spy and Killer in your Home

Post by FL@T-E@RTH on Wed Jan 03, 2018 3:32 am

Not only are they harmful, they collect all kinds of telemetry from IOT (internet of things) devices.
They also give the energy companies omnipotence.
As it currently stands if you have a dispute over a bill and refuse to pay the company has to take you to court before they can cut-off your supply, but with a smart meter they can just flick a switch and boom, no electricty or no gas.
They are also incredibly dodgy, one person in the UK was billed £30,000 for a single days usage...

Luckily in the UK, they are optional and NOT compulsary,
This is why sites like comparethemarket are being pushed as saving you money on your electricty and gas bills, because when you change supplier you enter a new contract, and in the contract they can say you must accept a smart meter.


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Re: Smart Meter - Spy and Killer in your Home

Post by JohannJohann on Wed Jan 10, 2018 1:32 pm

I find this interesting, after years of watching documentaries/conspiracies etc you start noticing when there is a deliberate attempt to 'move the conversation' from the powers that be.

This is one of them imo, move the conversation away from self reliance with solar or wind etc to a discussion about a new meter, create fear, uncertainty, doubt and have everyone talk about keeping the current meter or getting the new one for the next 2 years. Just my 5 cents Smile


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Re: Smart Meter - Spy and Killer in your Home

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