Westminster 'Terror Attack'

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Westminster 'Terror Attack'

Post by FL@T-E@RTH on Thu Mar 23, 2017 11:13 am

22nd March 2017 @ 2.40pm an alleged 'terrorist' mowed down people on Westminster Bridge.
The day was Wednesday when in the UK we have what is called 'Prime Ministers Questions' which goes on until around 1pm.
All the media are there for this spectacle and most at based at Millbank (just a couple of minutes away) yet it took at least an hour before any so called journalists were on the scene to report.

We are also told a police officer named Keith Palmer was stabbed by the driver of the vehicle after he crashed at New Palace Yard and made his way through the gates of Westminster where he was shot, both Keith Palmer & the alleged attacker were pronounced dead.

Yet, let's examine this still from the scene, the knife as shown contains not a single drop of blood, quite amazing when you consider it was used in a stabbing.


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Re: Westminster 'Terror Attack'

Post by Skywalker on Thu Mar 23, 2017 11:46 am

I'm looking forward to picking this one apart. Looks like a rehash of the Melbourne script to me.

We had a minute's silence at work today at 9:33. Apparently the Westminster parliament work day begins at 9:33! I mean, normal people begin their work day at 9:00 but these evil freaks just love their number 33!

Learn something new every day.

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