Jesus Christ Never Existed

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Post by markwilson on Wed Jan 30, 2019 8:18 pm

"Recipe to make a god: Take 33 1/3 per centum Ignorance, 33 1/3 per centum Credulity and 33 1/3 Human Ingenuity. Mix carefully and let stand until fermentation sets in. Then add quant. suf. [quantities sufficient] extract of the Miraculous, and vary strength of the mixture to suit powers of resistance of locality" [i.e., the resistance of a particular locality's challenge to the priestcraft's claim the god literally exists] —Ingersoll Lockwood, Laconics of Cult, Section First, SUPERSTITION

"I know little of thy Jewish demi-god. We do not love the Jews in this imperial [Roman] capital. They are the butt of our ridicule on the stage, sodden in credulity and superstition. Our great poet Horace says: Credat Judaeus Apella!" —Ibid.

"Credat Judaeus Apella, non ego"
A common Latin saying meaning "Let the Jew Apella believe it; not I". The phrase means, roughly, tell it to someone else, not me. The reference is taken from the work Satires (book one, satire five) by ancient poet Horace. It is derived from a scene where people try to convince travellers of miracles happening at their shrines. The phrase is uttered to convey the disbelief and that they should tell their stories to someone else. (emphasis added)

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Jesus Christ Never Existed - Page 4 Empty Re: Jesus Christ Never Existed

Post by pingree24 on Sun Jan 12, 2020 12:44 am

What about the obvious star of remphan worship with the jews/catholic's/masons, it's clear satan worship. Which was told about in acts 7:43?

I really want to hear Erics opinion on the star of remphan and Black cube worship that the bible said they worship and clearly do.

Thank you so much for your work. Without your work i would not have come to the flat side so thank you for opening my eyes to something that truely changed my life you will never know how much you did sir.


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Jesus Christ Never Existed - Page 4 Empty personal savior and the loving yet sadistic father conundrums

Post by ocderm on Thu Jan 23, 2020 12:11 pm

I have been trying to delve deeper into the Bible trying to find guidance in my life and this really helps resolve one of the greatest hangups i've had on the whole thing which is this idea that one of the ultimate conclusions i am supposed to come to is that i must accept Jesus Christ as my personal savior who died for my sins, etc. Because i cannot wrap my head around that concept without some sort of compelling argument of why it is real and necessary, it has made me want to reject the entirety of the bible and christianity. however, from this perspective, it seems there are ancient and natural truths "hidden" within the bible that anyone can learn from and it is completely acceptable to use the bible as a resource for understanding this world while at the same time completely rejecting the ridiculous idea that you have to genuinely accept christ as your savior or else, as is said in this video, you will ultimately live in an eternity of unimaginable horror as a form of punishment by your loving god for basically not bowing down and telling him how great he is and how thankful you are for the miserable life he has let you live. if you can throw out that nonsense, you can actually find useful information in other parts of the story. but it truly is astounding how many people are so caught up in that ridiculous idea that defies all logic and reason, even by people who reject otherwise equally ridiculous ideas but hold dearly to this one. i've always maintained that if there is an all powerful creator, and if he/she/whatever it is exists in some capacity as an overseer of everything that happens, then "he" would certainly understand my reservations about thinking that he could be at the same time all loving, all powerful, all knowing, all forgiving and yet want to damn me to eternal hell for simply not telling him how awesome i think he is and not accepting his supposed son as my personal savior. surely he would at least be willing to have a conversation with me based upon the experiences of my life before he damned me to eternal punishment.... even though it is claimed that it hurts god to see his children suffer, so it must be really hard for him each time he condemns one of us to eternal punishment for not celebrating his greatness; or for not accepting his "son" as my savior even with no evidence- besides am i not also his son? the whole thing reminds me of exactly what i don't want to be as a father, so therefore i cannot accept that even the creator of this reality would demand such things as a father either. i simply hope my children will respect and trust me because i want to guide them towards the best life possible. i would never ask of them to feel like they owe me anything or need to tell me of my greatness. i would never simultaneously love them unconditionally yet damn them to eternal pain just for not telling me how great i am or believing the things i believe.


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Jesus Christ Never Existed - Page 4 Empty Re: Jesus Christ Never Existed

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