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Post by Realearth on Fri Nov 08, 2019 8:46 pm

Emiliano wrote:Hi, i'm from Córdoba, Argentina.

Welcome to IFERS

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Welcome To IFERS - Page 14 Empty Re: Welcome To IFERS

Post by Jimmy Tiberg on Mon Nov 25, 2019 5:56 am


Hi eric and ifers, im not sure  how to say this, so i guess i start by saying sorry for making it about me, and sorry if its badly written. But i feel like i have to say it for my own safety and maybe some one can learn from my mistake.

Like they say "only fools rush in", and like a fool i rushed in to talk about flat earth, with no understanding of how to protect my self on internet. So the lesson is to make sure you're safe before talking.

So guess i take it from the beginning, so i get my flat earth story as well.

Many years ago, not sure if 5 or 6, im not counting. A friend of mine said from nowhere"what if the earth is flat", i guess he had seen something on YouTube. I laughed ofcorse, and said that's just to big to be true, and we have pictures from space. And that was the end off the conversation, he had no arguments for anything. A few months later i see a video on YouTube, by Eric ofcorse, "flat earth is the most important truth". Ofcorse i knew it's bs without even looking at the video, so i start scrolling down to find something else, but stopped my self by thinking i shouldn't judge it without even giving it a chance, so i went back upp, and clicked. Ofcorse i couldn't disagree with a single word that came out of erics mouth. The next few years im heavy invested in learning more, until one day where i realised that i have learned enough to talk about it. So like a fool i couldn't resist, i started making accounts on Swedish forums to see if what iv learned is true, ofcorse i already was sure its true, but i just had too I guess. I got heavy resistance by the controllers off the forums, so i kept trying and trying, until i found another forum that has a good admin, that allowed me to speak.

Some time at the beginning off the summer this year, some people that didn't speak Swedish, started renovating in the building where i am. They were drilling like crazy all day long it feelt like, i gues they wanted too force the people who live here out, so they could see whos typing about flat earth. I didn't go out, i put on my headphones. After many months of loud drilling, the person who had been trying to debunk me for many pages, used my hometown as an example for what you can search for on google, he could have chosen any thing, but picked my hometown. This was meant as a threat ofcorse, i ignored it. Just a few days later the person next door too where i am, is murdered. I had the feeling already that it was meant for me, so i turned of my device for a bit and tried to stay hidden, but they found me. The (((workers))) next door started making sounds that sounded like my door was being unlocked, i reacted by going back and forward to check the door ofcorse. After a few journeys to the door, i was heading back from the door thru the kitchen, and there stood one of the workers in the middle off the yard, stareing straight in to the kitchen, he had sunglasses on, witch he was holding in front off his eyes, as if it were a camera. I think next evening i hear a bit further away some people making what i can only describe as winning howls? Like wolfs. Later someone made a ridiculous evil laugh outside my window "muahahaha" sounded like a child.  Later i hear little pricks on the window, they were shooting insects on my open window, i found a little green insect in my bed, and later my moms plants were attacked by them (im writing from my moms home). I have read about other people that have had these exact things happening too them aswell.

These workers then sitt next door with their listening device trying to scare me with sounds and stuff, and analysing my reactions. One day its just dead silence and i made three knocks on my table cause i knew they are listening, they responded by pressing the drill three quick times. Also the device they use is always positioned by my left ear and actually makes a sound, so i can hear or feel its presence. One day i made a quick 180 turn to make sure its not something wrong with my ear, and yeah, it ended upp on my right side for a second or two.

Since iv read others having the exact same experience, i figured the only thing i can do as protection is to tell on the internet what happened. So i did it on the one forum i knew wasn't controlled by them, and now i do it on another forum i know isn't controlled. They have used such tactics that makes me sound like im paranoid when telling about it, that's why i couldn't tell it too any police or such. But now that iv told about it on the net, if anything happens too me it can be traced too those workers that were renovating on my moms building this summer. Also too the account that threatened me.

So since the bad guys found me i have no chose but to step forward, that's why i have now joined here with my real name (some times spelled Thiberg). They have my phone watched ofcorse, so probably know my passwords. So i say it now, this will be my only post here, if someone later start posting crap, its not me. I have done my part and must stop talking about the important stuff to not piss them off more. ATM im not defenceless but i dont have a death wish.

I did my best too talk about it, hopefully it did atleast some good. And i hope its ok that i put my story here as i feel it gives me a bit safety, and sorry if its badly written, its hard to explain their Batman tactics.

Also i leave a link too a Swedish forum that has a good admin that aloud me to talk freely.
If there's any Swedish people here i would be happy too hear if you think my thread will be any help for humanity, the real people are always quiet if im talking, so i dont know what effect it has on them, just the debunkers are eager too talk with me.
But i did my best to explain the basic stuff, i hope it shows.
https ://friaordet.org/viewtopic.php?f=64&t=188
(im not allowed too link, so i made a space, sorry for ignoring youre rule eric, if its bad you can remove it i guess)

I think that's all i wanted too say, maybe i have forgotten any. But i will not forget to voice a big thanks too Eric mostly for the ones who can't speak for them selfs, the animals. And sorry for my long ego story, i hope you can allow it too stay.

(i also want too say that "berg" means mountain in Swedish and is a common Swedish name, im bit insecure about it since learning about the Jews)
Jimmy Tiberg
Jimmy Tiberg

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Welcome To IFERS - Page 14 Empty Why do most people dont want to wake up

Post by Teslarulez on Sun Jan 12, 2020 6:02 pm

Hi Everyone,

This has been the big question for me after I woken up, is that why do people even with so much evidence in front of them refuse to wake up?
First of all I would like to thank Eric for doing the honors of properly educating me two years ago. Like everyone I went through all the phases of waking up, then the flood of questions started forming up and also getting most of the answers from the then YouTube. During the initial I felt like I was assigned the duty of the John the Baptist role ..lol little did I know the elites have been playing this game for a long and they have fail-safes built everywhere.
    To me waking up is also like waking up someone waking up a person in real life sleep. They don't want to wake up because the sleep feels so good for them that waking them from that train of thought and fear of losing all the beliefs that they treasured , losing all the excitement of the unknown. Also once you wake up there is that anger and resentment that you have been tricked all your life. Especially some the newer kids becoming adults find to hard to handle the truth because the programming is so deep.
     So with that being said I just wanted to get my community's input on this perspective

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Welcome To IFERS - Page 14 Empty Another new member

Post by nowhereelsetogo on Mon Jan 13, 2020 3:52 pm


Quick intro: 57yr old white guy (Ha!), Boomer to whit, but never the same as those around me thank god!

I have come to FE at exactly the right point in my journey (started consciously 30+ years ago, unconsciously from birth), i.e. at the end of a seemingly endless supply of threads and rabbit holes that do nothing but keep you looking. I started with politics and Geo-politics and being introduced to Anarchism quite early started to realize something wrong in the world, so looking for answers then went though everything - religion, health, nutrition, occultism, masonry etc etc ad-nauseum. I am most upset by the multitude of spiritual dead-ends and tricks to turns us away.

I was started to lose hope recently. With so much information spanning so many subjects there was no emerging cohesive picture other than there is someone or something that doesn't like us and is making US destroy ourselves with a view to final horrific enslavement of the incarnations and the soul. My blood runs cold.

Then along came Eric and IFERS (although I think I saw a few Seargent vids first). All is now well and I am at peace for the time being. So many things fall into place and others lose their importance but most crucial is that I can verify FE for myself practically and with a llittle work I may be able to properly comprehend some of the mechanics.

I live in Wiltshire UK, very near Walbury hill the second highest point in south east England. You get pretty well a 360 view of a beautiful, flat horizon. I have more to post on this hopefully in the appropriate thread later.

Thank you all for being here. Very Happy

A couple of questions/observations if anyone cares to answer please.

I've noticed many videos are missing (taken down from youtube) it would be really useful to have titles given so we can search archive.org etc. Also using brighteon, bitchute etc might work for a while. I have storage to offer plus other things. I may start my own collection.

I would like to offer the following fact which if you care to spend the time reading will show you that;

All of our history as taught is pretty well a fabrication based around real events that span no more than 900 years into the past. These events as retold from different perspectives become new dynasties, empires, epochs, cultures etc. This is why there are sooo many kings and queens with similar lives, families, deaths etc. and other famous figures.

Obviously knowing the amount of effort put into the NASA lies it's not a difficult leap to know that an even bigger effort has been made, over centuries in regards to history.

I believe this (continuing) effort which includes wholesale destruction of books, peoples, wisdom  and knowledge absolutely includes the flat earth.

Here is he URL for what's available in english and please start here because there is a summary somewhere but if you read that you wont understand the background, quality of research and effort, just the results.

Will post a link (be prepared for a couple of weeks reading) when I'm permitted under forum rules.

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Welcome To IFERS - Page 14 Empty Re: Welcome To IFERS

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