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Re: Welcome To IFERS

Post by tenn on Tue Sep 11, 2018 1:26 pm

I was no fanatic believer in a globe.  I just simply believed it and accepted it as a "known" fact.

From birth.  Why not?  This was the de facto status quo.  Everywhere I went, everything I saw around me -- of which was created and promoted by man -- told me this.  I had a globe as a child.  Several of them.  I loved them.  The way they were tilted.  The way they rotated.  Some of them were "bumpy" where the mountain ranges were.  I learned in school the earth was a globe.  The very vocabulary I spoke promoted a globe earth.  I watched in movies where the earth was a globe in space, that there was "space".  I went to Disneyworld and Epcot.  The globe, space, universe -- all front and center.  I learned that uneducated and ignorant fools -- bless their hearts -- had believed that the earth was flat, and that we were way past that now, in our age of enlightenment.

The model of the "universe" in my head was of a spinning globe revolving around a sun which in turn revolved around the center of a galaxy which in turn probably revolved around something else.  This model was as concrete as the ground I walked on.

Until one day I stumbled upon a youtube video (oh, the dangers of unfiltered and unbanned youtube!) saying the earth was flat.

Funny, I thought.  Why do people have to be so crazy?

But the idea wouldn't let go of me.  I went back later and watched the video.  It was an Eric Dubay composition.  It was well done.  It was not angry.  It was not combative.  It was not "holier than thou".  It simply laid out the facts -- as he saw them, and as I've since come to know for myself.  It made sense.  It made my own senses and "common sense" make sense.

I ordered his book (200 proofs) and read it cover to cover.  And it made sense.  It was right.  And I knew it.

And suddenly everything that I had taken for granted I now began taking with a grain of salt.  Questions I didn't even know I had began to surface.  Why does smoke go straight up, or in any direction independent of spin direction?  Why does my pond not have tides?  Why is there atmosphere?  What could possibly be holding air against a globe that is spinning and revolving at such incredible speeds inside of a vacuum, while at the same time allowing a butterfly not to be pinned to the earth?  Some would leak, right?  All of it would.  But none of it does.  There's no "whooshing" sound as it disappears.  There is no "breeze" and it goes and is replaced by an endless supply.  And I can't feel that I'm spinning and hurtling through space.  The stars look the same year after year.  We've not hurtled past any of them, or hurtled anywhere where they would now look different.

Everything that had made sense before now made no sense.  My concrete model collapsed on itself, as it had no true foundation.  I had been brainwashed.  And not accidentally or inadvertently -- although I must pardon many of those who were involved, such as teachers or parents, as they themselves also did not know better -- but it was deliberate, driven by a few that I am sure -- 100% sure -- knew they were lying.

And I began to see the "conspiracy".  I began to see that there was a deliberate effort to promote the idea of a globe (and other lies).  I started to spot these -- some of the having been pointed out, and some I could see on my own.  They were everywhere.  I watched a series that after season one was bought by Netflix.  Episode one of the new season, lo and behold a globe carefully placed front and center on the existing set where it hadn't been before.  That is deliberate.  Unnecessary for the show, but clearly deliberate.  It has now become a sick game for me to "spot the globe" in every show I watch.  I call those who promote the idea of a globe the "globe priesthood".  I can only imagine that to be "one of the gang" one has to somehow make an oath to promote in any way possible the globe lie.

And I'm a fanatic for believing the flat earth?

I don't promote it any way.  I rarely if ever even talk about it (or post like this).  But the globe priesthood is bent out of shape promoting that we live on a globe.  They can't even make a movie of TV show without subtly -- or even not so subtly -- sticking a globe in your face.  That's fanaticism.

Even if these people believe it is true (that we live on a globe) -- and I can't fault them for doing so if that is their sincere belief, knowing that I also had believed it wholeheartedly even though I really had no factual basis for doing so -- why ram it down my throat?  Why care so much?  Is it so important that I don't think for myself that you have to stick that globe everywhere?  Sneak it into everything?  Do you not ask yourself, why am I doing this?  Why are they asking me to do this?  Who are they that are asking me to do this?

Why go to so much trouble to denounce as fanatical and ignorant someone who just happens to believe the earth is flat?  Why go to such lengths, attack so vehemently, remove videos, block content, defame, slander?  Aren't there more important -- or, just simply, important -- issues?  It's like attacking me because I like the color green.  So what?  Why does that bother you?  Why defame me?

I try to be respectful of everyone's beliefs, even if I disagree.  They believe for a reason.  I even respect those who believe we live on a globe.  Of course I do.  They have their reasons, as did I.  I don't think they are stupid.  I just think they are -- as I had been -- misinformed.  From birth.  It's a monstrously huge lie.

But I don't attack them.  So why attack me?  Why shut down video sources (not mine, as I have none, but those of others), so vehemently claiming it is hate speech?  Can you not see how hypocritical you are being?  Can you not see how fanatical you have become?  Can you not just open the mind a tiny bit and investigate in an objective, truly scientific manner, the claims?

To those who are skeptical, I say simply this.  Get Eric's book and read it.  Seriously.  If after reading it you still don't believe, my hope is that at the very least you will understand that those who believe the earth is flat have good reasons to do so.  And you will never feel like attacking a believer again.  But my greater hope of course would be that you see what is right in front of us, and that all the reasons we ever believed the earth was a globe have no basis in reality.  You will see what I have come to see as truth, that we really do live on a flat plane earth.

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Re: Welcome To IFERS

Post by Schpankme on Tue Sep 11, 2018 1:51 pm

tenn wrote:
I was no fanatic believer in a globe.  
I just simply believed it and accepted it as a "known" fact.

I learned in school the earth was a globe.  
The very vocabulary I spoke promoted a globe earth.  
I watched in movies where the earth was a globe in space, that was was "space".

What should also peek your attention is being told that the religious fanatics promote "flat Earth", and modern science proves the globe Earth.  The fact is, it is the religious fanatics that promote globe Earth.

Jesuit (see crypto Jew)

Jesuit Christopher Clavius recommends reforming the calendar based on Copernican Heliocentricism.

Heliocentricism as invented by Copernicus is used by Pope Gregory XIII to reform the calendar.
  Institutes Gregorian calendar in March, 1582.

You've been taught that it was the Greeks, more than two thousand years ago, who invented Heliocentricism; this flies in the face of reality.

Telescope invented

Johannes Kepler published his Heliocentric "laws of planetary motion", based on the writings of Tycho Brahe.
  Tycho Brahe (1546-1601) died prior to the invention of the Telescope.

Here we can see, without the Telescope and without knowledge or verification of Spaceballs, mathematics are applied to the newly invented Planets.

Galileo Galilei, claims to see Spaceballs orbiting about one another; "planetary motion."
  Galileo is a beneficiary of the Jesuit payroll.

Have you been taught that Galileo was persecuted by "the Inquisition and forced to say he was wrong; that the Earth did not revolve around the sun?"
Nothing could be further from the Truth.

Jesuit Christopher Clavius, confirms Galileo’s observations of "planetary motion."
  Jesuits claim that Lights they observe through their Telescopes are in fact Spaceballs that orbit about one another.

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I'm being forced to post this here, as it seems you blocked the private msg

Post by Joey_3BM-FM on Thu Sep 20, 2018 12:49 pm

Eric, I considered you a good & trustworthy person, but not anymore.

Don't bother to reply.

FYI, I did nothing wrong.

I find it rude & inconsiderate of what you have done.
Perhaps you are jealous because Victor is spreading light already & he has been doing it way before your flat earth expose.
He also deserves some credit.

Well FYI, there are still many people who believe the earth to be a globe, but they believe in an afterlife anyway & also they know that they are accountable for what they do.
Also there are those who had an NDE.

Anyhow, if you think i will fall for your games, it won't work.
I would have deleted the account days ago, but there's no delete button, I can't find one anywhere.

Yes, I did picture you as an absolutely open, honest & genuine person, but not anymore.

What I find most fishy of you, is your supposed breakup with your past girlfriend, which i did find strange & unusual.
Normally with your experience & background, one would normally get closer in life, its less likely to be the opposite.

Anyhow, this confirm that not even you are to be completely trusted.

I'd appreciate it, if you kindly delete my account, if not then BUGGER you.


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Re: Welcome To IFERS

Post by Admin on Thu Sep 20, 2018 2:49 pm

This guy Joey has been sending me private messages and asking me a bunch of questions about "Satan, Lucifer, Archons, Fallen Angels" etc.  I answered him, which prompted him to send 3 or 4 more messages with more random questions which I didn't respond to as I have hundreds of people messaging me daily and I cannot respond to everyone.  Since I didn't respond he decided that was proof of me being some untrustworthy shill as you can see in his message here.  He's so needy for another response from me that he's now posting his private message in public and demanding to be banned from the forum if I won't respond to all his random questions about the afterlife and some guy he likes called Victor Zammit.  Your behavior is suspicious Joey, not mine.  Please respond here in public if you'd still like to be banned and I'd be happy to oblige.

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Re: Welcome To IFERS

Post by Schpankme on Thu Sep 20, 2018 5:32 pm

Admin wrote:
Your behavior is suspicious Joey

Looks like "Joey" copied me on the same comments he sent to you; unfortunately, while "Joey" was busy spamming forum members with "Private Messages" he had his "receive private messages" turned off.

This user do not wish to receive private messages

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Re: Welcome To IFERS

Post by Real World on Thu Sep 20, 2018 10:06 pm

Joey look like another type of spamming troll, who has strategy to bring something in at the beginning, to built some trust, and then divide from inside like some crazy conspiracy guy.

I try to do my part of spreading awareness for polish speaking audience and i see how this task is time killing, i only can imagine how many messages daily Eric is getting with his kind of activity. Thats one of the reason why i try to contact Eric or similar kind of perosns, only with most important things, rest is for us to figur it out if we use logic and critical thinking.
Real World

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Re: Welcome To IFERS

Post by observer on Fri Sep 21, 2018 12:21 am

Joey_3BM-FM wrote:
I find it rude & inconsiderate that you dont want to have a chat with me in private, wäää!
I like Victor more than you!

Anyhow, if you think i will fall for your games, it won't work. I know youre just playing hard to get.

Yes, I did picture you in my dreams.

But after looking at you and youre girlfriend, i realized that your not what im looking for in a relationship.

Anyhow, this confirm that no men are to be completely trusted.


did i get that right?

Joey also decided in his hissyfit to take out his revenge on all the ifers members and readers by deleting all his comments, why dont you want me to learn joey?

What i find most fishy about you is that you for no reason whatsoever want to talk about erics relationship, thats very strange and unusual for a normal person to do. Seems to be a trend among shills tho.


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Re: Welcome To IFERS

Post by Sponsored content

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