Mount Meru Magnetic Mountain At The North Pole

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Re: Mount Meru Magnetic Mountain At The North Pole

Post by Flatserious on Mon Nov 07, 2016 12:55 am

I live in northern Canada and have met some Inuit who have moved to my community. It has been about 10 years now since they were forced to live in communities and not allowed to do open hunting. The communities were around since the early 1900s but were voluntary. Now biologists have banned caribou hunting among other animals that they have sustained for over 6000 years. Only in the past 10 years has their pre built communities been overcrowded and they are forced to pay ridiculous amounts for food. Of the ones I met, some were part of a very northern community. They were huddled first as icebreakers were stranding some up north. There is land up there and mountains. In the past few years, some have been hired as escorts for the military. They patrol the ice sheets and borders using the Inuit as survival guides. I think the Inuit have much information passed down from generations of living up there. Only problem is, most don't know English. Google earth shows water at the pole.... I await winter now to see if any make their way south. Food prices are increased in winter so some come here instead of going broke. Where I live is the last commercial airport to the north of Ontario. I will attempt to get video testimony of the knowledge they have and what they have seen before they were herded into small towns.


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