Chemtrails, Geo-engineering And HAARP

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Post by Torus_Ouroboros on Fri Feb 08, 2019 4:19 am

I agree that the term "chemtrail" can be used to promote fear and it can also be used as a tool to promote fear mongering. And I agree that most people who believe in chemtrails are living in fear from them, and they promote fear because they want other people to feel the same way as they do. But I was never once feared through research the of "chemtrails" I was just aware. Aware that something unnatural is happening in our sky. I've always wanted to know the truth behind "chemtrails", what really are they and why are they only in the sky on only certain days, why do they mainly spray along where the sun is located and where the sun will be at within a half hour to an hour or so.. There is nothing wrong with asking questions, but who has the answers? We aren't being told directly what is happening in our skies. Sure there have been whistle blowers but we dont know definitely if they are telling the truth or just trying to make money from their conferences. Most of these whistle-blowers claim that what they are spraying is a direct attack on the people and our earth which can further cause listeners to live in fear, or run away from the topic all together.

Instead of using "chemtrail", the government uses the term "stratospheric aerosol injection" but there is "sphere" within that word so it is not entirely true, but it is a better term than chemtrail since "chemtrail" is being used a fear-based term. (especially on this thread)

In my honest opinion they are using this method of injecting various aerosol(s) into the stratos to mitigate "global warming" which is an entire hoax in itself.

Currently the lie known as global warming is being pushed very hard by the mass media and it will continue to be pushed harder in the very near future. Dimming of the sun is their main solution to this made up problem. So if that is the case what future does our sky hold?  Again there are many unanswered questions because the government is in secrecy when it comes to what they do to our sky, just as they are in secrecy about everything else they don't want us to know. So what is there to hide?

You cannot deny that certain airplanes spray certain aerosols in the sky(stratospheric aerosol injections)
They are primarily silica based combined with various other particles. Silica is among the most common minerals on Earth.
Please see Patent US20100127224A1

But you can deny that through the spraying of these various aerosols they have a certain agenda such as (killing us off and everything on our planet through the spraying of chemtrails while infecting us with nano tech at the same time) or whatever else you may think.

I could sit here all day and think of other hidden agendas they have rather than just dimming out the sun due to fake global warming(which is their mainstream outcry). I'm not sure what there hidden agenda is.. I do know one thing, doing this to our sky is not natural. And it is more than likely.. not safe, because of that reason alone.

Do not live in fear. Ever. Just be aware that this IS, happening.

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